Popehat Declines

The legal gunfight between Tom Retzlaff and Jason Van Dyke continues in Texas but they also have another battle going online. Jason comments about Retzlaff on his Instagram and Retzlaff uses his blog to post articles and comments about Van Dyke. Fun!

Retzlaff has been the defendant in a lot of harassment and stalking cases over the last twenty years so he’s an old pro at cyberstalking. He doesn’t let a little thing like a court case stop him from trolling.

Retzlaff was declared a vexatious litigant in Texas because he kept filing frivolous lawsuits in order to harass people. He’s barred from filing any lawsuits unless he gets the court’s permission first.

Recently Retzlaff sent an email to Van Dyke about an upcoming injunction hearing where Van Dyke hopes to get a court order for Retzlaff to quit harassing him. This is a temporary measure until his 100 million dollar lawsuit against Retzlaff begins. In his email, Retzlaff claims that Ken White, aka @Popehat of the legal blog Popehat.com will be showing up to testify on his behalf regarding the feud White had with Van Dyke years ago. 

Ken White says differently.

Retzlaff’s Twitter account was @kklansman and he was a member of neo Nazi site, Stormfront, so I’m kind of thinking Talib Kweli won’t show up either.

Retzlaff’s email is below the break along with a twitter conversation about it.

Yes, the profanity is typical Retzlaff.

And yes, he copied several people on the email, including someone with the Texas Bar association.