Ashley Jacobs Terminated As Girlfriend

Southern Charm may be over on the television but the drama continues, particularly on social media. The latest news is that Ashley Jacobs has lost her job as girlfriend of Thomas Ravenel on Southern Charm and in real life. 

According to Ravenel’s personal blog, All About The Tea, Ashley Jacobs was also fired by Haymaker, which is kind of weird since she wasn’t a paid cast member and isn’t the cast member accused of sexually assaulting several women. Her erratic behavior is supposedly the reason… Erratic behavior on a reality show? Imagine that.

Actually, Ashley being fired as Ravenel’s girlfriend isn’t a big surprise since Season 5 is over and Ravenel won’t be needing a girlfriend right now. Instead he’s doing Crisis Management, posting pictures of himself playing adoring father and family man. With Kathryn Dennis. So all y’all will be busy wondering if they’re getting back together and be so glad he dumped nasty Ashley and my, isn’t he good with the kids… blah blah blah.

Are y’all really buying Thomas as doting father? The man is still under investigation for rape and sexual assault. For some reason the #MeToo movement and Southern Charm fans have overlooked the allegations against Ravenel. It seems like he’s also deflected attention from himself on the Luzanne Otte harassment allegations and Ashley Jacobs is now the villain.

Jacobs may be guilty of harassment but I doubt she came up with the “Luzanne wants to be me” story line by herself. She’s not the villain of the story. She didn’t sexually assault two women.

Ashley has been having a bad summer but now that she’s free of Ravenel and Haymaker, maybe she’ll get her life and that eating disorder under control and then share the truth about her relationship with Thomas, the trolling, and All About The Tea…