Rauhauser Files Hail Mary Petition In Bullyville Law Suit


No, the Rauhauser v. Bullyville lawsuit isn’t over yet. 

In the last episode, the Court of Appeals overturned much of the lower court’s judgment against Bullyville aka James McGibney. This left Rauhauser with awards and sanctions of $0.00, which he justly deserved. 

The judges of the 2nd Court of Appeals also felt that Rauhauser’s lawyer, Jeffrey Dorrell of the Hantzen Laporte lawfirm, had padded his legal fees so they sent the issue of legal fees back to the lower court to settle on fair and just amount to be paid…without all the extras Dorrell added. 

So that should have about wrapped things up except Dorrell invested 4 years into the lawsuit and filed a Hail Mary petition to appeal the Appeals Court’s unanimous decision. Actually he’s threatened to take things all the way to SCOTUS which would be more wasted time. SCOTUS gets sent 7,000 cases every year but select only 70 or 80 to address and those deal with constitutional and federal issues. The rest get sent back to lower courts. A TCPA case is not likely to be considered.

In the meantime, the petition to the appeals court will most likely be denied. Below the break you’ll find the main 20 pages of the petition, all told it was 140 pages long. Much more interesting is the reply from Bullyville and his lawyer, Evan Stone. It was one paragraph. 

That says it all. If you want to read Rauhauser’s lawyers long winded petition, scroll down.