Rapey McRapenel Quits Southern Charm. Again

As predicted, Thomas Ravenel has announced that he’s quitting Southern Charm, which is a quaint way of covering that he hasn’t been asked back. 

Ravenel has threatened to quit before but this time I think he’s gone for good. His contract isn’t going to be renewed while he’s under investigation for sexual assault. No doubt if the #MeToo and #TimesUp movements didn’t exist, Ravenel would be out hunting down a new girlfriend for Season 6. But Bravo and Haymaker are afraid of the negative PR if they knowingly give a new contract to an alleged sexual assaulter. It might make them look like rape apologists.

Southern Charm production company, Haymaker, told People magazine that they were investigating the assault allegations and “once all the information is gathered and carefully reviewed, appropriate action will be taken.” That was back in May, since then it’s been crickets. What Haymaker and Bravo consider to be appropriate action is to pretend it never happened.

In the past, Ravenel has described the sexual assault accusations as “mischief making” and someone “trying to extort money”. I don’t think filing a police report is mischief making. And waiting three years before coming forward publicly isn’t extortion.

Of course, innocent until proven guilty always applies, but just FYI, Nanny Dawn told the owner of Fitsnews.com about the attack when it happened 3 years ago. 

Meanwhile on social media, Ravenel has been busy whitewashing his accounts to make himself look like Father of the Year and he’s removed all traces of Ashley Jacobs. At the same time, he’s been leaking documents to his personal blog, AATT, that make Kathryn Dennis and Ashley Jacobs look bad.

I have a couple words that describe Thomas Ravenel and they aren’t Southern Charm. Now that Ravenel is quitting reality tv, perhaps he’ll quit with the hired trolls and bloggers. 

And keep his pee pee in his pants.