Viktor Netyksho; Iron Troll Guide To TrumpGate

Viktor Borisovich Netyksho was one of the 12 Russian intelligence officers indicted by the special counsel in July of 2018.

All of the indicted individuals worked for the Russian military intelligence agency,GRU and were accused of interfering in the 2016 presidential election by stealing and releasing documents from the DNC and DCCC through Guccifer 2.0 and DNCLeaks.Netyksho was in command of Unit 26165, which was assigned to target over 300 people affiliated with the DCCC and DNC, and the Clinton Campaign. The hackers used a technique called “spearphishing” to obtain passwords and gain access to the computers of their targets.

Spearphishing is an upgraded form of Phishing, it involves sending a spoof email but the email is geared toward a specific individual and appears to be from someone they know, often a superior, so the target will open the email. The message will seem important, if not vital, and ask the target to click something that secretly installs malware, or tells them to go to a specific url where they’ll be tricked into exposing their password.

Once the documents were obtained by Unit 26165, they were posted online and given to WikiLeaks by members of Unit 26165 using the personas Guccifer 2.0 and DNCLeaks.

The constitution of Russia doesn’t allow the extradition of citizens to face trial in other countries so it’s unlikely any of these people will be brought to justice.