UPDATE: Jeffrey Yohai Sentenced

Update November 9, 2019;

Jeffrey Yohai’s plea deal with Mueller didn’t do him much good. He never stopped running his scams and today, was sentenced to 9 years in prison.

Jeffrey Yohai was Paul Manafort’s son-in-law until August of 2017. While Manafort would certainly be considered a major player in international organized crime, Yohai could never be. He’s just a conman, basically your typical low level thug who played front man for Manafort.

Yohai had his chance at redemption by serving as a witness in the Mueller investigation and giving testimony about their shady real estate deals. But he blew that chance. 

Even before there was a special investigation, Yohai was under investigation by the state of California for the misuse of construction loan funds. In early 2018, Mueller offered a secret plea deal that would have given Yohai a lighter sentence in exchange for providing the special investigation with information on Paul Manafort.

Apparently Yohai considered his plea deal to be a Get Out Of Jail Free card. Even as he was cooperating with Mueller, Yohai continued running his scams, only this time he was committing crimes while living in a fishbowl with local, state, and federal law enforcement watching.

In May of 2018, Yohai’s lawyers quit because they didn’t think Yohai was being honest with them, and they weren’t getting paid. Yohai ended up being represented by a public defender. 

In March of 2018, Los Angeles County issued a restraining order against Yohai to stop him from advertising or promoting a Bel Air mansion as a place to rent for parties. One of the scams run by Manafort and Yohai was to purchase expensive homes and declare them as personal residences while they were actually renting them out.

The mansion was purchased by a shell company owned by Yohai and then advertised online as a party house. Neighbors complained about the all night parties, trash and liquor bottles left behind, cars blocking the streets, and lit cigarettes being tossed into the brush.
The city determined the parties were a fire and safety hazard to residents in the area. 

It takes a special kind of stupid to screw up a once in a lifetime opportunity. Not many crooks get a chance to wipe their slate clean by providing information to a federal special investigation. Instead, Yohai just kept running scams, as if nobody would notice.

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