Was Jason Lee Van Dyke Framed?

If I understand the latest episode in the Texas Shit Show starring the poster children of the Alt Right, Jason Lee Van Dyke and Tom Retzlaff, it looks like somebody stole some guns from Jason.

Jason and his roommate searched their home but couldn’t find the missing guns. For some reason that would only make sense in Texas, it appears Jason decided the crime scene shouldn’t be in his house or wasn’t dramatic enough so later that day he took a brick and smashed the windows on his truck to make it look like the guns were stolen from his vehicle. Then he called the police.

The cops were neither fooled or convinced, so they arrested Jason for filing a false police report and held him in jail with a $1000 bond.

Jason claims he was framed. Of course.

Maybe Jason should have let his roomie know about the brick and truck plan, instead his roommate told the truth, that the guns were stolen from the house.

It’s a good thing I’m not a judge. If I had to deal with Jason Van Dyke and Tom Retzlaff, I’d skip their legal theatrics and sentence them both to life without parole. The world would thank me.

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