Monthly Archives: October 2018

Russian Ministry of Defense Operated Fancy Bear Twitter Account

Recent events over the last week are proving that Russian Intelligence is an oxymoron. And computer geeks really suck at being spies. A coordinated effort between intelligence agencies of several countries tracked down a group of Russian operatives and caught them red-handed while they were in the midst of a hacking Op. These hackers, who call themselves Fancy Bears Hacking Team

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Saak Karapetyan; Iron Troll Guide To TrumpGate

Update Oct 7, 2018: Russian journalist, Sergey Dorenko, is claiming the pilot flying the helicopter had two bullet wounds, suggesting the helicopter crash killing Saak Karapetyan was actually an assassination. Dorenko is claiming there’s a government coverup  in Karapetyan’s death. Russian authorities deny everything, claiming the helicopter clipped tree tops before crashing. Karapetyan was supposedly going on a hunting trip

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