Have You Seen This Alt Right Individual?

This is Taylor Michael Wilson, a White Supremacist, who was sentenced to 14 years in prison on Friday for terrorism. Wilson stopped an AmTrak train in order to “save the train from black people”. He says he was high on acid at the time.

The Feds also found a cache of guns in Wilsn’s home because isn’t there always a cache of guns at the homes of these people?
There are people looking for any pictures or videos from any Alt Right event that Taylor Wilson may be in. Help them out if you can.

Based Stalkman 🌽 🏴‏ @BasedStalkman
1h1 hour ago

Sending out a call for photographs and video of this person at UTR in Charlottesville on A11 and A12, or at any other political rally or event. He is labeled as “Wilson” in the additional images. This is Taylor Michael Wilson, the Amtrak terrorist, by the way. 

Based Stalkman 🌽 🏴‏ @BasedStalkman

On A12 he is wearing a red plaid shirt and Carhartt-style pants, carrying a red shield with a Schwarze Sonne symbol. He can often be seen in close proximity to James Alex Fields Jr., Daniel Kleve, Robert Warren Ray (aka Azzmador), and possibly Michael Peinovich (aka Mike Enoch).

Based Stalkman 🌽 🏴‏ @BasedStalkman 1h1 hour ago

Of interest to: @EmilyGorcenski @DoxSavage @UR_Ninja @Hatewatch @DavidNeiwert Please feel free to distribute.