Kristen Johnston Joins Cast Of Mom

I’m so very happy to say that my dear friend, Kristen Johnston, has joined the cast of the long running hit comedy, Mom, and makes her first appearance in Season 6 this Thursday night. 

For the next two years, Kjo will be reprising her role of Tammy Diffendorf, the ex-con foster sister of Bonnie (Allison Janney’s character) who served time in prison for trying to rob an Outback Steakhouse on “Cops Eat Free” night.

In Kjo’s first episode this season entitled Big Sauce and Coconut Water, her character, Tammy Diffendorf, gets out of prison on parole and is invited by Bonnie to come live with her and her daughter.

Both Kjo and Allison Janney have received multiple awards for comedic acting so the two of them teaming up should be good for some laughs. Tune in Thursday night at 9pm Eastern Time.

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