Randy Credico; The Iron Troll Guide To TrumpGate

Randy Credico was named by Roger Stone as his back channel to Julian Assange. This caused Credico to be subpoenaed by the House Intelligence Committee to testify about his relationship with Assange. Credico pleaded the Fifth (Amendment) so the appearance never happened

Credico was also subpoenaed to testify in front of a grand jury by Mueller. Credico claims that he had no access to Assange and was not a back channel for Stone. That Stone has been leaking cherry picked text messages trying to incriminate Credico.

According to Credico, Mueller has all the text messages and that Stone is desperate to save his own ass from being indicted. Credico also says that he’s been the subject of threats and intimidation from Stone. 

Credico believes if Stone is indicted, he’ll eventually turn on Trump and incriminate him even more than Cohen has. He posted several tweets to Trump on November 28th and then self terminated his Twitter account. The tweets to Trump are below.

Trumpgate Role: alleged to be Roger Stone’s contact with WikiLeaks            

Trumpgate Drama: The leaking of emails to WikiLeaks            
Allegations/Indictments/Charges: None             
Linked To:
Roger Stone
Julian Assange