Siggy Flickers Publicist Asks For A Felonious Favor

In the previous post which had the April court transcript I mentioned there was a story about how Vinnie got one of the complaints she filed dropped in court. She actually tried to get someone to commit a felony as a favor in exchange for dropping charges.

In October of 2017, Vinnie filed her 3rd harassment complaint against me. She also filed one against Shelly Boals that same day. For reasons I’d certainly like to know, Shelly’s first hearing on the complaint was set for 9 am that same day. The court house opens at 8:45 am.

This means Vinnie got the complaint forms, completed filling out both complaints, got ahold of Judge Blakely Harper so the judge could read the complaints, decide there was probable cause, and then schedule hearings. Somehow all of this happened in 15 minute, which is highly unlikely. 

Judge Blakely Harper’s signature was on 3 of the 5 complaints filed by Vinnie, so yes, I certainly did contact her on Twitter. I’d still like an explanation on her strange application of justice. And I’d like to suggest she start asking for proof of residence and valid evidence before accepting complaints and definitely before signing warrants.

Shelly didn’t find out about her warrant until somebody sent her a screen cap of the complaint in a direct message on Twitter. That account was anonymous, but if I recall correctly, Shelly traced the name to a sock account once used by Vinnie and Brandon.

The defendant’s copy of the complaint filed against me was sent to Shari Weinick’s employer and used to threaten to file a similar complaint against Shari. That threat was sent by Vinnie from her husband’s law firm…the law firm where she’s not supposed to be because of her disbarment. 

Vinnie did eventually file a complaint against Shari. When that happened, Shari and I joined forces and got the same lawyer. My previous lawyer was nice, but no match for Vinnie’s deviousness. The new law firm was Caruso, Smith and Picini, who had argued a similar case before the New Jersey Supreme Court just a few months before and won. 

When the new lawyers started in March, Vinnie soon learned things were not going to go her way. The lawyer pointed out I’d never contacted Vinnie directly or repeatedly, both of which are requirements for a harassment charge. And by this time, the judge and prosecutor were getting suspicious of Vinnie’s intentions. So Vinnie started a few machinations in the background, trying to make it look like I was a crazed cyber stalker out to do her harm.

Using one of her Twitter sock accounts, I think it was @chickencounter, Vinnie started negotiating with Shelly Boals.  The offer was to drop the harassment charge if Shelly signed an affidavit blaming me for everything. On April 17th, 2 days before our court hearing, Vinnie contacted Shelly via email with the affidavit. 

Despite what Vinnie says in her email, Shelly was under the understanding that the charges would be dropped in exchange for signing the affidavit.
The affidavit was prepared at the law offices of Patrick Spina, Vinnie’s husband. According to the disbarment orders issued by the New Jersey Supreme Court, Vinnie is not to have anything to do with any legal matter, which includes being in a law office, using the resources of a law office, or negotiating a legal matter. Suborning perjury would also be included in that. 

Directly below is the Microsoft Office info on the affidavit sent to Shelly as an attachment. Below that is the affidavit CREATED BY VINNIE SPINA for Shelly, making statements that are completely untrue, that she wanted Shelly to sign to get the charges dropped.

Instead of signing the fraudulent affidavit, Shelly brought it to her lawyer. Then she called my lawyers and sent them a copy. Then she told me. It was not an easy secret to keep.

It shouldn’t be too much of a surprise that Vinnie would try to get someone to commit perjury. She did it herself in her disbarment and bankruptcy trials and got busted for it by the judge. She did it when she filed each of her harassment complaints and claimed to live in Paterson. She did it when she said I was Bullyville and Queenz of Media in the complaint.

A grown ass woman who has to lie to get what she wants and then lie to save her own butt. Yeah, I’m sure she was a wonderful publicist.

I think it should be clear by now who the crazed cyber stalker really is.