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Earlier this year Vinnie and her troll crew were posting the number 4 quite a bit. She was probably trying to be cryptically clever but she was most likely referring to the four additional police reports she filed accusing me of harassment and making threats.

The first one was filed in February which coincides with the change of lawyers and my submission of an affidavit to the court. The others were filed in April and May when it became obvious the charges were going to be dropped. To get the harassment charges to stick she needed to prove that I had communicated to her directly and repeatedly. 

I guess she misunderstood the repeatedly part and figured if she repeatedly filed police complaints it would count. The John Yates video gave her a lot of ammunition. She changed what he actually said as time went on.  

Altogether, Vinnie Spina filed 9 harassment complaints and she lied on every single one of them. That’s pretty amazing.

The last police report was on May 3rd which was 5 days before our next hearing. The infamous hearing where she was charged with contempt.

Vinnie Spina Police Report for February 1st 2018

Dispatched to 111 Broadway at the Police Main Desk to take a report of Harassment.
Upon my arrival I met with the Complainant. Ms vincenza Spina. Ms Spina advised me that she has been harassed by a Mr Steven Hatlestad on the web for quite a while;
She has file reports, signed criminal complaints…and yet this Mr Hatlestad is no where to be found.
Ms Spina said that shen ever met Mr Hatlestad, she never knew who he was until he contacted her political friends by sending them links of naked bodies with her face.
Ms Spina added that on Jan 18 2018 a judge issued a no contact order-which he clearly in violated. (sic) because on this same date, Mr Hatlestad convinced a person (3rd party) to attack her on Twitter for a numerous of reasons (sic) like disliking gay people etc.
Ms Spina further stated that on Jan 21 of 2018 Mr Hatlestad also convinced + urged another individual to threaten to shoot one of her clients in the head + bury her at his house – Also urging more people to go on Twitter and attack her account, by calling her a pig.
Ms Spina lastly stated that she’s terrified based on this man’s posting on the web. At this time she just wanted to document the latest incident.
Attached is Ms Spina’s written statement, she inquired about a follow up investigation – at which time, I advised her to contact the detective bureau after she gets a copy of this report which will be available in 3 business days.
There are currently 3 Complaints for Harassment against Hatlestad : Docket S-2017-2122 / Docket S-2017-4659 and S-2017-5448. All have been reduced to Arrest Warrants.
On January 18, 2018-Judge issued a no contact order including no contact by third parties on social media.
Hatlestad continues to contact, use others to contact, on January 18, 2018 he convinced a person on Twitter to attack me for a variety of false reasons after advising her I was a psycho.
On January 31, 2018 he and his cohorts convinced + urged an individual to threaten to shoot my client’s fan in the head + bury her in his house. He was also told I was a twitter account known as @margesmouth to incite more people to attack me on line.
He continues to contact anyone I contact online and continues to publish me as a pig + vile creatures.

I never had a relationship of any kind with the Defendant. I never knew who he was until he contacted my political friends and sent them links of my face on naked bodies that he made of me.

The man he got to go after me and my client last night was foaming at the mouth, sweating, screaming and crying. I am terrified based on the man posting a video threatening to shoot a woman in the head and now fixating on me all thanks to the continued threats of Steven Hatlestad

Police Report filed April 19th, 2018
Responded to the Main Desk (HQ) on a report of Cyber Harassment. Upon arrival I met and spoke with the complainant (Ms Vincenz Leonelli-Spina) stating that she is concerned for her safety. Ms Spina stated she has several complaints pending against the suspect (Steven hatlestad) for Harassment. Ms Spina stated that the suspect has a Florida address, but believes that he is in N.J. because she found pictures of her personal vehicles and residence on his Twitter account. (Erik Eggstrada, Resist_N0W.)
Ms Spina stated the suspect has several Twitter accounts and that the suspect has put Ms Spina’s office address on his Twitter account. Ms Spina further stated the suspect has agitated several people. blames the complainant and put her office address on his Twitter Page.
Ms Spina wanted a report documenting the incident. This incident does not involved in a domestic dispute (sic)

Police Report filed April 27th, 2018

Victim related that the suspect has been harassing her via social media with photos and personal information about the victim. The Passaic County Sheriff Department “Cyber” unit will be handling this investigation.

Police Report Filed May 3rd, 2018

Dispatched to the main desk 111 Broadway on Cyber-Stalking. Upon arrival this officer Illegible “went to see”?) complainant Vinnie Spina who related she has filed numerous reports and complaints against suspect cyber stalker Steven J. Hatlestad A.K.A. “Justice For zile @Resist_N0W
Mrs. Spina further related she works for A Diamond REDACTED as an REDACTED. On December 2016, Mr. Hatlestad posted pictures of Mrs. Spina’s head on a naked body, recently he has posted personal photos of the Spina’s cars, he has posted her residence and her work address including her Social Security number all on Social media.
Mr Hatlestad states he’s a blogger, he sets up troll accounts stating Mrs. Spina steals credit cards, hacks accounts, posts revenge porn and impersonation accounts.
Mr Hatlestad Twitter and over 100 free websites to blog about Ms Spina, in total he has 136 stories. On 11/07/2017 he posted a blog inviting everyone to her work office, Mr Hatlestad is now harassing Mrs. Spina’s clients.
On January 18th, 2018, the court issued a no contact order including social media, on the same day at 1746 hours on Twitter he posted “Yo Brandon and Vinnie! Have you read this blind gossip article from Crazy days And night blog? Any guesses?
Mr Hatlestad normally looks for unstable individuals and tells them, Mrs. Spina is hacking and stealing their credit card information, he then gives those unstable individuals her address and all her personal information. One of the unstable individual (sic) is a male who resides in New York to (sic) posted a video stating he’s going to hurt her.
Allegedly, Mr Hatlestad resided in Florida, Mrs Spina was able to find out the address, it turns out it’s a soup kitchen. Mrs Spina contacts the soup kitchen director who advised, she has not seen Mr Hatlestad since 7/2017.
Mrs Spina fears for her safety she believes Mr Hatlestad is in New Jersey since he posts pictures of her vehicle as well as her husband’s vehicle as well as her business office. Mrs. Spina wanted the incident documented to pursue the matter.
1 Posting for years-on social media and on various websites owned and or operated by him including the following: (list of blogs including Queenz of Media and vinniespina.com which she absolutely knows are not mine. In her list of Twitter accounts, only Resist_N0W is mine. )
2. Continues – admits his plan is to prepare stories of misinformation to start fighting and does just that – people are posting “We can smell your fear, etc”

Screen caps of the actual reports are below.

Police Report Filed February 1, 2018

Police Report Filed April 19th, 2018

Police Report Filed April 27th, 2018

May 3rd

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  1. She pitched stories to places. �� and was bummed when they turned her down, then cane Faux Reality. Remember that Vin? Vinnie,You need to stop wasting the courts time.

  2. Vinnie Spina posted a photo of her fake husband “Luca” car and that is how her identity got revealed. The car was traced back to Patrick Spina. On top of her announcing her life on Twitter lead to paper trails. She was trolling the hell out of Melissa Gorga and attacked anyone who didn’t agree with her. I could write a book on this saga. So much stuff happened. I am surprised the prosecutor allowed her to act like that.

  3. LOL she knows damn well VinnieSpina is owned by Bullyville, QueenzofMedia was owned by Grace “Queenz” #TheLiesVinnieTells

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