May Court Hearing; Vinnie And Her 8 Seconds

Happy Birthday!

This is the May 8th hearing where Vinnie Spina lost her shit, as well as her fraudulent case. 

Knowing the charges were to be dismissed on first amendment grounds, Vinnie had been trying to escalate her “false narrative” by filing more police reports and sending letters claiming I was still “repeatedly” harassing her.

As most of you remember, the vlogger John Yates made a periscope early in the year about Team Siggy and Vinnie Spina. He got very emotional and at one point, while he was talking about a specific woman (not Vinnie), he said he’d like to shoot that woman in the head and bury her under his house. Or something to that effect. Within the context of the video, it wasn’t a credible threat. 

Naturally, Vinnie went after him. And her lap dog Brandon, pinned a video clip of the “death threat” to the top of his Twitter account. John Yates filed a copyright complaint to get the clip removed. Brandon challenged that claim through his attorney…which was Patrick Spina. 

So just keep in mind that Patrick and Vinnie Spina fought for Brandon’s right to keep the video clip posted on his Twitter account. 

Anyway, by the time the May 8th hearing rolled around, Vinnie had already been in communication with someone at the Superior Court (she refers to them as The County in the transcript) trying to get her judge and prosecutor removed from the case.

In the hearing transcribed below, Vinnie Spina goes ballistic. At the point where she asks for 8 seconds of the judges time, she brought out a large iPad and played the John Yates video clip. The hearing went south from there as she tried to get the judge to follow her orders. The judge wasn’t having any of that.

It’s hard to believe Vinnie ever defended anyone in a court room. Her complaint to the Superior Court judge ended up backfiring and created even more of a mess for her. Worse than her contempt of court charge. 

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  1. She was disbarred twice. Mazerella case and Albro case for fraud. Your attorney never got to even argue the motion. Where are the transcripts of the your attorneys arguing what actually happened? Like with your blog?That judge needs to Better in control of her court.

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