Yes! Please Gag Roger Stone

Our latest TrumpGate video on Youtube is about Roger Stone. You’ll find a transcript of the video down below.


Roger Stone has been a political operative for over 40 years and epitomizes much of what’s wrong in politics and campaigning. He’s made a career out of getting people elected to office by any means necessary. His clients are often elected not because they’re the best person for the job, but because they’re the last person standing after all the mud slinging. Roger Stone puts the ick into politics.
Now Roger Stone’s dirty deeds have caught up with him. He’s been charged with lying, obstruction of justice and witness tampering, All of this actually sounds like just another day’s work for Roger.
But at issue is whether or not Roger had a back channel to wikileaks and if he participated in any way in the publication of the hacked emails. Even if Roger was just communicating by email or direct messages, he could be charged with criminal conspiracy if he had any advance knowledge about the emails or participated in any way.
Roger claimed, or implied, several times that he was in contact with WikiLeaks. Roger is now claiming he had no direct contact or communication with anyone he knew to be Russian and he had no advance knowledge of the emails being published. So either Roger was lying to the world for the past couple of years or he’s lying now.
Stone has appeared in court on the charges before Judge Amy Berman Jackson, who was also the judge on the Manafort case. Judge Jackson is thinking about putting a gag order on the proceedings since Roger has been making the political talk show circuit to play victim. Roger could actually hurt his own case by discussing it on talk shows since any inconsistencies could be used against him. A gag order would be to his benefit and would give the rest of America a break from his whining. However it is very disappointing to learn that a gag order does not involve an actual gag.
Roger’s claimed he would never flip on Trump. It’s easy to swear you’ll remain loyal to your friends and keep your mouth shut, but that can change when you face the reality of serious prison time and could actually spend the rest of your life behind bars.
If a gag order is issued and Roger gets out of the spotlight of supporters and enablers long enough, he might realize that he betrayed his country. And probably more importantly to Roger Stone, he betrayed his country and didn’t get anything in return.