Roger Stone’s Secret Back Channel To Russia

During the 2016 election campaign, Roger Stone had his own potential back channel to Russia through his crew.

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Roger Stone now has a gag order in place preventing him from talking about his case. While he was being chewed out by Judge Amy Berman Jackson, Stone blamed his staff for giving him the cross hair picture he posted on social media. Poor roger, he just can’t get good help nowadays.

During the 2016 campaign, Roger had a crew he’d worked with for several years. Though it seems to have escaped public notice, his crew gave him a back channel to Russia

Dianne Thorne appears to have been with Stone the longest. She was Stone’s administrative assistant and worked with him on several campaigns. Dianne was also engaged to Stone’s son, Scott. They applied for a marriage license, but I don’t believe they ever went through with the marriage. Dianne was an immigrant from Australia so it does make one wonder if the marriage had some green card inspiration behind it.

Dianne did get married a couple years later to Tim Suereth, who was on probation at the time for human trafficking. Yeah, human trafficking. Tim was caught using his 25 foot boat to smuggle 19 people into the US, and he was also smuggling drugs. Tim avoided jail time by cooperating with the FBI and informing on the narcotic ring he was a part of (please note that Roger Stone had an FBI informant on his staff)

As of January of 2018, Tim was editor of Roger Stone’s online news site, Stone Cold Truth, and he’s also the registered owner of Strategic Campaign Concepts, which was collecting legal donations for Roger Stone and Michael Caputo.

Tim Suereth is the father of Andrew Miller, who also worked for Stone. Miller has been involved in several political campaigns and in 2016, he was also acting as publicist for Roger Stone.

Andrew Miller is currently in a court battle with Mueller’s special investigation. Andrew has refused to appear before the Grand Jury and was found in contempt of court. He filed a law suit saying that Mueller’s appointment as Special Counsel was unconstitutional. His case is currently awaiting a decision from the appeals court. Part of his legal fees are being paid for by Stone and Caputo, which is only fair since his daddy is collecting the donations.

Andrew Miller is married to Jen Hobbs. Together they own Hobbs Greenery, a medical marijuana farm in California which is registered to Andrew’s father, Tim Suereth.

Hobbs also worked on election campaigns with Roger Stone and his crew, but she had a career as a publicist for over a decade, her clients included Larry King and Jesse Ventura

Ventura has a television show on RT America, the TV station sponsored by the Russian government. Ventura was under contract to RT at least as far back as 2016, and he attended the infamous dinner for RT in Moscow in 2015. As his publicist, Jen Hobbs was in contact with RT management and had an email account at the RT website.

Another person who had a TV show on RT was Julian Assange. The World Today aired in 2012 with 12 episodes of Assange conducting interviews.

The editor in chief of RT is Margarita Simonyan. She’s considered a leader in the disinformation war against the US, and she’s a personal friend of Vladimir Putin.

Now I’m not accusing anyone of anything here, I’m just saying that if Roger Stone wanted to get in touch with Julian Assange or anyone in Russia, all he had to do was pick up the phone and call Andrew and Jen.