Communist China Reunification Group In Florida Shuts Down

Curious things happened in the summer of 2016 as the Trump campaign began recruiting Asian Americans to become members of an Asian Pacific American Advisory Committee. And by curious, I mean suspicious. And by suspicious, I mean we need to make sure Congress follows through on asking for an investigation into Cindy Yang.

But I am very happy to report that the Florida branch of the Association for China Unification officially dissolved on March 11th.

No doubt all the articles about Cindy Yang drew too much attention to the group and their agenda so they decided to lay it to rest. There’s not much point to infiltration and subversion after everybody knows you’re doing it. 

The Cindy Yang saga is a text book example of how Communist China operates in other countries.
Except for the part where the Trump Campaign invited someone sympathetic to the agenda of Communist China to be one of their campaign advisors. That part is pure Trumpian.

Please contact your representatives and demand they follow through on investigating the Cindy Yang drama.

The linked article below was written by Alexander Bow. It’s a good analysis of how the United Front of China operates.