Cindy Yang Declared Bankruptcy In 2018

One of Cindy Yang’s numerous companies declared bankruptcy last year. 

FuFu International was one of Cindy’s oldest American businesses. It began as FuFu Spa and Massage on November 13th, 2012, but changed names to FuFu International just two weeks later. 

Besides being a massage parlor, FuFu International was an art gallery, most likely named after her father, Fuming Yang. FuFu evolved to become an international art dealer and artist manager, then expanded to international importing and exporting, followed by a travel and real estate business catering to the Chinese, particularly those who wanted to meet American politicians.

FuFu declared bankruptcy last year and was at least $150,000 in debt.

Cindy is very persistent though, an admirable trait and a key to becoming a successful entrepreneur. Court proceedings were still going on in December but she registered a new business in February of 2019 focusing on providing travel, business and immigration services for Chinese nationals. This was just two weeks before her former massage parlor, Orchids of Asia, was raided.