Dr Lee Throws A Party For The Communist Party

The infamous Dr Charles Lee is a fraud at the very least, but in light of the arrest of a Chinese spy at Mar-a-lago last weekend, he might be something a tad more malevolent. 

Dr Lee created his odd organization, United Nations Chinese Friendship Association in 2011, and appointed himself as Secretary General. With his impressive, but self created credentials, he’s managed to gain access to government officials in many countries over the years. He may just be a well-intentioned, harmless eccentric or con man, but his connections to the Chinese Communist Party and United Front point to other possibilities as well.

Below is a translation of an invitation sent by Dr Lee’s United Nations Chinese Friendship Association to the National Ministry of the Communist Party. Lee was inviting members of CCP,  United Front and other government agencies to get together for a meet and greet.

The invitation was on the blog of Dr Jian Cheng Wang, who is Dr Lee’s assistant and, unlike Dr Lee, is an actual doctor. Wang obtained a PhD in physics from Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh and is currently teaching in Singapore. Most of Wang’s career has been teaching and doing research… except for that time he spent working at the Foreign Affairs Apartment in Beijing,

Congress Network TV, mentioned in the invitation, is a business started by Dr Lee. It had a website which disappeared after Lee became a topic in mainstream media. Also mentioned is the Beijing Fortune Union International Cultural Exchange Center which doesn’t exist and is probably another imaginary word salad organization created by Lee.
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