Dr Charles Lee Visits President Obama

Dr. Charles Lee has been selling vacations to American political events for years. The pr release below is an announcement for a trip to invitation to Obama’s inauguration and was posted in January of 2013. 

The ad lays out an itinerary for the trip, which includes visits to Philadelphia and New York as well as Washington, DC. Dr. Lee is a United Nations groupie, so the focus of the trip is on going to the UN.

From what I’ve been seeing, like Cindy Yang, Dr Lee arranges his trips to coincide with American events that are already scheduled to take place; but Lee’s promotion makes it appear as if he helped organize the American events. He created the United Nations Chinese Friendship Association, and he also started (what translates to) the UN Congress Network TV and US Congress Network TV, but he organized his own trip. The event organizers listed in his promotion had nothing to do with Lee. Obama’s organization would have gone ahead without Dr. Charles Lee attending.

Professor Jiansheng Wang
Professor Jiansheng Wang

The announcement was found on the blog of Charles Lee’s assistant, Professor Wang Jiansheng, who has a LinkedIn account listing his own many fabulous accomplishments. You can puzzle over Professor Wang’s LinkedIn page here

The professor’s credentials seem to be real though he seems a bit pompous.

I‘m not sure if Wang and Lee are benevolent and nutty eccentrics with  lofty ideas, master con men, or weird secret agents for China.

I imagine Homeland is looking into all this by now.

Inauguration of President Obama in 2013 and UN High-level Round Table of the Secretary-General

Organizers : US Friendship Party, Obama Inauguration Committee, US Department of Agriculture

Organizer: Global Future Leaders Organization (GFLO), United Nations Chinese Friendship Association (UNCFA)

Media sponsor : UN Congress Network TV (UNWTV), US Congress Network TV (CWTV US headquarters)

Venue : Washington, DC (United Nations Headquarters)

~Theme of the event : Promote global economic development, create employment opportunities, benefit human life, work together for a win-win situation, and safeguard world peace and sustainable development.

The purpose of the event : leaders from Asia, Africa, the Americas, Chinese companies, chambers of commerce and NGOs, through the presidential inauguration ceremony and the UN round table, to establish high-end strategic partnerships and high-end activities for investment, economic, trade, education and cultural exchanges, and promote China and the United States are the two largest countries to establish harmonious relations and maintain international peace and economic growth. At this most political weekend, from 2013 through a series of job creation and economic development, a select group of more than 20 business leaders and NGO leaders from China took the opportunity to compete with the President of the United States and the United Nations. The Secretary-General’s high-level activities, examining the US investment environment, will build long-lasting relationships and achieve mutual benefits.

Co-organizer : US New Jersey State Government, Maryland State Government, Washington City Government, Virginia Presidential Inauguration Committee, Viacom President Inauguration Committee

Activity itinerary (1)

January 2013:

19th: Beijing Fly Washington

20th: Washington

Morning : Participate in the presidential inauguration ceremony and watch the presidential oath ceremony.
Afternoon: Visit the White House.
Evening: attending the inauguration party

21st: Visit Washington

22nd: Washington DC – Philadelphia – New York

23rd:  Visit New York

Activity itinerary (2)

Washington, DC , January 24 (Thursday  )

   Afternoon : visit to the United Nations, to participate in the United Nations Sustainable Development Roundtable, exchanges with the United Nations Deputy Secretary-General, charitable how joint family support sustainable development and peace.

    Evening: banquet hall at the United Nations building, Chinese entrepreneurs held in support of United Nations causes high Cabaret, Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, President of the General Assembly and other senior officials met with entrepreneurs, president of the chamber of commerce, non-governmental heads of each, and awards reception, to the Philanthropists who have made outstanding contributions to philanthropy are personally presented by leaders at or above the level of Under-Secretary-General.

Fly to Beijing on January 25

contact address:

1. Inside the Washington Capitol Building

2. 10017-3575 in the United Nations Building, New York, NY, USA

12th Floor, Building 12, Jianguomen wai Foreign Affairs Department, Chaoyang District, Beijing, China

Phone: 001-212-8459492 (United States)

      4000718160  (China)

      +86  18810833117 Men Yanan  Assistant [Professor Wang]

Email: charles.lee@uncfa.org


Below are graphics that appeared in the ad.

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