Nationwide Human Trafficking Ring Exposed

The Cindy Yang and Mar-a-lago saga seems to be never ending. It started with prostitution and human trafficking, then expanded to selling access to Trump, and on to Chinese spies. It might be a good idea for Trump to lay off his manufactured National Emergency on the Southwest border and take a closer look at what’s going on in Florida. But leave the golf clubs in Washington, please.

Despite what Trump tells America, 90% of human trafficking happens within a country’s border. Very, very few women are kidnapped and trucked across borders with duct tape on their mouths. That’s an unnecessary risk when there are easier ways to obtain victims. AMPs, Asian Massage Parlors, have been used for decades to traffick women around the country.

Chinese women are lured into the massage business with promises of a steady job and a place to stay. They actually end up as indentured servants working off debts to their keepers but they’re essentially slaves, isolated from the world. These women start out giving massages, but are gradually groomed and coerced into providing sex services to bring in more money.

Trying to stop the human trafficking in Asian massage parlors is difficult. It’s basically a whack-a-mole battle. One massage parlor gets shut down, and another one opens up across town. The women are moved from parlor to parlor, state to state, and the parlors change names and managers frequently. 

A lot of you might be stuck in jobs you don’t like. Imagine being stuck in a job giving happy endings to strangers who don’t speak your language, where $7 out of every $10 you earn goes toward the thousand bucks a month you pay to sleep on a cot in the back room, and you never earn enough to get away.

There may be a nationwide network of Asian massage parlors engaged in prostitution which are also involved in human trafficking. A website called aggregates escort ads it finds on other websites across the internet and reposts a copy of the ad for posterity. 

Below the archived ad, EscortIndex gives a total for how many other ads had the same phone number and how many used the same pictures. 

It’s crazy how many massage businesses use their actual business phone number to advertise on adult sites. It’s not something a legitimate massage business would do, legitimate massage businesses aren’t looking to attract horny men willing to pay for sex.

On EscortIndex, I found an email that appeared in hundreds of ads for massage businesses in different states. The ad came up when I googled the phone number of one of the massage parlors involved in the Cindy Yang/Robert Kraft drama. 

There were 8 women arrested in the Robert Kraft sting, but only two were alleged to be involved in human trafficking. One was the manager of an Asian massage parlor on Colonial Drive. The phone number for that business can be found in an ad on

Okay, not a big surprise since she was selling sex services at the parlor, but there’s more. The address this woman used on her massage license was for a home owned by another Asian masseuse who also worked on Colonial Drive, but at a different massage parlor. The number for her massage parlor was also found in an ad on EscortIndex. But her ads had an email address too.

Googling brought up several pages of search results. The email was used many times in ads for different massage parlors in different states. You can see this down below or google for yourself.

There could be a logical explanation for all these ads with the same email address. Alex might have a business placing ads for Chinese individuals who can’t write English. That’s possible, except Alex is placing ads specifically for Asian massage parlors, using the same ads and pictures over and over again. The selling point in his ads is often a grand opening or the arrival of new, young, fresh Asian girls.

That’s whack a mole in play again. The trafficking of Asian women has to involve some kind of organization, some type of networking between massage parlors. There has to be coordination in moving women from parlor to parlor and changing ownership and management of the businesses. You can see some of this in the phone numbers, when the area code of the phone number doesn’t match the location of the massage business.

The ads I found on were archived from That site is specifically for escorts and sex service businesses, which is why law enforcement has been using CityXguide to find potential human trafficking victims. (Delaware in January, link and Michigan in February. link)

I’ve done about 25 posts listing the massage parlors around the country mentioned in ads using the Alex605917 email. While some of the ads make it obvious that sex is being offered, I can’t say for sure if women are being trafficked between these parlors. But since it’s a possibility, I notified law enforcement a couple weeks ago. Just in case.

Here are links to the posts with samples of their ads. 

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