Dr Charles Lee Does Russia

After he was outed in the Cindy Yang drama, Dr Charles Lee removed his United Nations Chinese Friendship Association website from public view. He did the same with his United Nations Congress Network TV and United Nations Friendship Picture sites too, but I found a couple he missed.

One of the remaining websites is the Russian International Peace Network Television domain, ripwtv.org, which was created in April of 2017. 

The domain was registered by “Bei Jing He Ping You Hao Qi Ye Guan Li You Xian Ze Ren Gong Si‘, which translates to Beijing Peace and Friendship Enterprise Management Co., ltd. This is most likely a fake business, but it’s linked to an online payment service used by Charles Lee.

I guess Crazy Charlie decided to expand the reach of his fake United Nations Friendship to find new victims to grift. Besides promoting himself, he advertised some of his “limited room” trips on the Russian TV site. 

And there’s awards. Charles Lee loves to give out fake awards.

This guy is truly bizarre.