Dr Charles Lee And The China Dream International Sovereign Investment Fund

Yet another Charles Lee fake website to promote and validate his con games. This domain is cnfundation.org for the China Dream International Sovereign Investment Fund.

The fake organization was mentioned on uncfa.org, the website for his United Nations Chinese Friendship Association. He shut down uncfa.org after he was busted but cnfundation.org was still active when I posted this article. 

It’s registered to an organization called “Bei Jing He Ping You Hao Qi Ye Guan Li You Xian Ze Ren Gong Si” which translates to Beijing Peace and Friendship Enterprise Management Co., ltd. The owner of this business is Wang Zhenggui, who has the same email and phone number as Charles Lee.

I think I have about 15 more websites to post and at least half a dozen more organizations. I keep finding more. When Crazy Charlie isn’t traveling he must be registering domains and companies.