Dr Charles Lee Does The UK

Here we have Dr. Charles Lee’s UK Royal International Friendship Network, but it appears Charles never made this domain publicly visible. I had to do a search in Chinese to find a few references to it on his US Congress TV website

It’s mentioned in the ad down below, which was posted by Crazy Charles. The ad outlines the  itineraries for several trips he organized in 2018. At the bottom he lists the perks available for those who went on his trips. The publicity they’ll get from the listed tv network websites in #3 are mainly all his own fake TV network websites. The awards mentioned in #1 and #2, from what I’ve learned about UN scams, are certificates created by Crazy Charles and there’d be an extra charge to get one awarded to you. 

Members who have participated in this high-end visit to the United Nations, the US Congress, and the Presidential Private Estates Group have had the opportunity to contribute to the cause of world peace. They have the opportunity to apply for the following honors: 
1. Presented by the President of the United Nations People’s Council. The World Peace Ambassador Award card issued by the United Nations Chinese Friendship Association. 
2. The “US-China Friendship Ambassador Award” issued jointly by the US President’s Trump Economic Cooperation and Development Committee and the US Friendship Party Central Committee, issued by the US Republican Asian Vice-President. 
3, the United Nations asked the Congress Network TV, the United Nations Friendship Pictorial, the United States International Voice of the People Network TV, Russia International Peace Network TV, the British Royal International Network of Friendship Network, France Napoleon International Peace Network TV, China International Peace Voice Network TV, the people Daily Weekly Online Chinese people, people’s Daily, Xinhua, CCTV and other domestic and 200 or so online media coverage of the high-end visits. 

Yes, people fell for this. I found a website where he posted pictures of people who were awarded certificates and made members of his United Nations Chinese Friendship Association.