Dr Charles Lee And The TrumpECDC

The Safari Night Ball at Mar-a-lago in 2018 was held on January 26th. Dr Charles Lee registered the domain TrumpECDC.org on February 4th, and uspresidenttrumpecdc.org on February 5th. 

ECDC were the initials for Trump Economic Cooperation And Development Committee, a name Crazy Charlie fabricated. He registered that name as a corporation in Delaware a couple weeks after the Safari Ball. Charles was either planning a new scam or was going to use the domains to bolster the scams he already had going.

The domain was registered by “Bei Jing He Ping You Hao Qi Ye Guan Li You Xian Ze Ren Gong Si‘, which translates to Beijing Peace and Friendship Enterprise Management Co., ltd, another fake business linked to Charles Lee.