Dr. Lee And The United Nations Authentication Association

There are a lot of imposters in the world pretending to be people they’re not. Fortunately the world has Dr. Charles Lee and his United Nations Certification Association (UNCA). 

For a small fee, Dr. Lee will put a literal stamp of authentication on that Gucci purse you bought at the flea market and he can certify that you invented the Internet. Anything you need or want authenticated, just call in Doc Chuck and his rubber stamp.

I know, Dr. Lee has created a lot of fake organizations and fake websites, but that doesn’t mean the UNCA must be fake too. Down below are screen shots of the registration and certification documents for the United Nations Certification Association. The important ones have the blue UNCA stamp of authentication on them, so obviously UNCA is 100% genuinely authentic. 

If you don’t believe Doc Chuck, then take a look at who’s on his Senior Advisory Panel! Ban Ki Moon and Bill Clinton! Warren Buffet and Bill Gates! Congress women, Grace Meng and Judy Chu! Also Chen Xiangmei aka Anna Chennault! Actually, Ms Chennault is dead, so it’s really impressive that she’s on the panel.

United Nations Certification Association was actually registered as United Nations Authentication Association in 2011 by Desheng Wang. That’s a little odd, because according to his LinkedIn profile, Desheng Wang didn’t start working for Dr Charles until 2013. There’s no blue authentication stamp, but it looks like Desheng is a real person and not an alias of Dr. Charles.
You can also see the documents below on the un-ca.org website since Dr. Lee hasn’t taken it down yet.