Bullyville Opens New Website, SoggyFlicker.com

Bullyville has created a new site soggyflicker.com dedicated to my very dear friend, Siggy Flicker. 

Once upon a time, Siggy wrote her own fairy tale where she was a fairy princess on a TV show. Then she started hanging out with a wicked witch who convinced her that she should be Queen of Reality TV. Queen Siggy tried but ended up being banished forever. As in “we’re not renewing your contract so you better write a letter of resignation” kind of banished. 

After she was gone, everybody else went on to live happily ever after except Siggy, who continued to wear her tiara and hang out with the wicked witch and her flying monkeys. 

Bullyville has dug up some tea on Siggy, the witch and her flying monkeys, and will be posting it on soggyflicker.com