Siggy, The Disbarred Lawyer, And Three

3 was the magic number last week. Siggy finally owned up to that third marriage she’s never talked about. 

Irontroll reported the secret marriage last year but Siggy was responding to a new website by Bullyville dedicated to Siggy called The secret marriage was mentioned.
From what I’ve been told, Siggy’s claim of 5 marriages includes renewal of vows and a second ceremony in Israel so 5 times but 3 men. 

 There was also a birthday for Siggy’s publicist, ADiamond PR. It turned 3 years old over the weekend! 

Or I should say, the website, turned 3. The domain was registered on May 19th, 2016. The actual IRL business, A Diamond Public Relations, didn’t get registered in New Jersey for another year and a half, in October of 2017. This would be 6 months after Disbarred Lawyer filed her first complaint against me. The business was registered after my lawyer let the judge know Disbarred Lawyer didn’t live in the jurisdiction of the court in Paterson, New Jersey. After Disbarred Lawyer registered the business, she claimed A Diamond PR was located in Paterson and she worked in the jurisdiction. 

New Jersey requires all businesses to be registered for tax purposes. Dolores Catania and Siggy Flicker were both represented by a publicist with no experience and an unregistered business. Dolores got wise and found better representation. 

Siggy stuck with Disbarred Lawyer and ended up fired.


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  1. Ok so I do know AllAboutTheTea blog and Vinnie there is no connection. Ed and Vinnie weee rivals when Seuss started to blog for Ed then took advantage of addiction and sickness and then opened up AATT. Siggy started to get promoted by AATT because Siggy would email all the blogs stuff about her cast mate that could not be verified and AATT would publish it. So as far as I am concerned AATT should be unmasked and get the soggy treatment .

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