Bullyville, Rauhauser Lawsuit Drags On

There was yet another hearing on Wednesday, in the never ending lawsuit between Neal Rauhauser and Bullyville. 

In April of 2018, the Court Of Appeals threw out the 1 million dollar sanctions awarded to Rauhauser, along with the greatly inflated legal fees supplied by Rauhauser’s lawyer, Jeffrey Dorrell. While the Appeals Court ordered that Bullyville, aka James McGibney, should pay Rauhauser’s legal fees, they found the bill submitted by Dorrell to be excessive and wanted the legal fees to be settled back in the lower court. The Appeals Court set a deadline of February 11th, 2019 for Dorrell to submit a new, and more reasonable, bill for his legal fees.

Unfortunately, since the Court Of Appeals made their ruling, Attorney Dorrell has been diagnosed with cancer and his ex-husband, Michael Centeno, died from a drug overdose after having been charged with stealing $40,000 worth of jewelry from Dorrell. Because of Dorrell’s health problems, the February hearing to settle legal fees was postponed until April, then delayed until May, and then postponed again until June. In the June hearing, Dorrell asked for another extension. 

Below is the response from Evan Stone, Bullyville’s lawyer, requesting that Judge Cosby deny this 4th extension and hold the legal fees hearing. Cosby denied Stone’s request and granted Dorrell another extension.

It’s tragic that Dorrell has terminal cancer and obviously, this lawsuit is no longer a priority in his life, plus he’s never going to get the $300,000 he was claiming in legal fees. However, Dorrell works for a law firm, somebody from the law firm could take over to finally put an end to this case.

It’s time.