Neal Rauhauser To Be Subpoenaed

This supplemental briefing was submitted to the court by Bullyville’s lawyer for the last Rauhauser/ Bullyville hearing that was supposed to take place in June. The hearing was postponed for a 4th time due to the illness of Rauhauser’s lawyer, Jeffrey Dorrell. 

Though the Court of Appeals threw out all sanctions and fees awarded to Rauhauser last year, they ordered a hearing to settle on legal fees to be awarded to Rauhauser’s lawyer. Dorrell had submitted a bill in excess of $300,000 which the Court of Appeals thought was excessive and inflated. The Appeals judges essentially accused Dorrell of padding his bill and ordered the lower court to find a more reasonable amount. 

The brief below, by Bullyville’s attorney, Evan Stone, is a scathing look at the fees claimed by Jeffrey Dorrell for services he supplied ON CONTINGENCY, representing Rauhauser in a lawsuit for which Rauhauser was never even served. 

The brief points out a lot of odd charges by Dorrell and comes to the conclusion that the actual billable hours relevant to the case would come to 12.5 hours. This would come to only $2,500 in legal fees, however, Bullyville made an offer of $12,500 in consideration of the number of years the case has lasted.

There’s a nice surprise on page 18 where Mr. Stone states his intention to subpoena Rauhauser for questioning regarding Dorrell’s legal fees. This is funny. A lot of people would love to question Neal under oath, on a variety of topics. 

Neal will dodge the subpoena. He still owes Nebraska lots of unpaid child support, which is probably somewhere around $80,000 by now, so he and his skittleballs have been in hiding for years. If the hearing is ever held, Neal could end up in contempt of court. But then, after 4 postponements, there might be some stonewalling going on so I wouldn’t be surprised if a complaint about the numerous delays is filed with the Appeals Court by Mr Stone. 


I screen capped the first 21 pages of the brief, which covers the actual motion. There are 125 more pages, which are supporting exhibits for the brief.


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