Rauhauser’s Lawyer Demands Half Million In Fees

This is the most recent filing by Neal Rauhauser and his lawyer, Jeffrey Dorrell in the lawsuit against Bullyville aka James McGibney.

Last year, the Court of Appeals threw out all sanctions awarded to Neal Rauhauser. Neal gets $0 from his lawsuit against McGibney. That’s zero as in nothing.

So now Bullyville and Rauhauser are back in the lower court to settle legal fees. The Court of Appeals had some issues with Rauhauser and his lawyer, Jeffrey Dorrell. The court specifically stated that the “amount of attorney’s fees awarded was not reasonable”. Dorrell had claimed he was owed $300,000 for representing Rauhauser but the C of A wasn’t happy with that amount, they didn’t like all the redactions in Dorrell’s legal bill, and they saw “a troublesome pattern of heavy front-end loading of legal work.” 

The court also pointed out that Rauhauser “was never served in this lawsuit and, thus, was never under any compunction to appear in the lawsuit whatsoever”. The judges found this troubling. You know, like maybe Rauhauser. 

In Dorrell’s latest request for legal fees, he now claims his actual fees are now up to $464,685. He agrees to settle for $200,000 instead. Plus $200,000 in sanctions and $50,000 if the court goes back to the Court of Appeals-which it probably will. So Dorrell is essentially asking to be awarded $450,000 which is damn close to what he says Rauhauser owes him. It’s also $164,685 higher than the amount the Court of Appeals said was an excessive and unfair amount.

Keep in mind this lawsuit was filed under the Texas Citizen Participation Act which is supposed to prevent lawsuits being used to tie someone up in time and legal fees to chill their free speech. This anti-SLAPP case has lasted over 5 years with (padded) legal fees of nearly half a million dollars. It has become what it was meant to prevent.

Next post coming is Bullyville’s response to the motion below. It was stamped and accepted by the courts this morning and it’s a doozy!