State Department’s White Nationalist Studied In Russia

The SPLC’s Hate Watch group announcement that they’d found a White Nationalist working for the State Department was disturbing news. Also disturbing is that Matthew Gebert and his wife, Anna, both studied in Russia. That should raise some eyebrows, if not red flags.  

Matthew Q. Gebert was born in North Carolina in 1981, but grew up in Stratford New Jersey. After graduating from American University in 2003, he worked for the US Energy Association and the US Telecommunications
Anna Vukovic, his wife, was also born in 1981, but immigrated to America with her parents when she was a child. She grew up in Illinois and graduated from Northwestern University.

Matthew and Anna attended George Washington University, both earning Master’s Degrees in 2011. Matthew was later awarded the prestigious Presidential Management Fellowship, a two year program which helped get him hired by the State Department in 2013.

At some point before earning their Master’s Degrees, both Geberts studied in Russia. Matthew attended schools in both the Ukraine and Russia, Anna was at the International University of Moscow in Russia where she studied communications and the Russian language. 

Gebert, his wife and 2 children were living in Leesburg, Virginia where they appeared to be your typical upwardly mobile young couple. While Matthew worked at the State Department, Anna worked to promote tourism in different areas around the United States, including Virginia, Arizona and Missouri. She was vice chair woman on the board of directors for the Loudoun County tourist bureau. 

The screen capture above is from the website of Mayor Francis Slay of St Louis Missouri.

According to the Loudoun Tourist Bureau, Anna resigned from the board in June, but she was still listed as vice chair on their website up until a few hours after Hate Watch outed her as a White Nationalist.

Matthew Gebert was president of the Green Farms Homeowners’ Association. He resigned that position on August 12th, after home owners scheduled a special meeting to remove him as president.

On social media, Gebert used handles like @CoachFinstock, @Coach (GAB),
@TotalWarCoach,  @DissentCoach, @RisenCoach,
@RevengeCoach, and @UnbowedCoach to post anti-semitic and racist comments. IRL, Gebert actully was a soccer coach, coaching children 8 to 12 years old for the Loudoun County Soccer League. Yeah, he was coaching children of color. 

The Geberts hid their racist views from neighbors, employers, and co-workers. The SPLC found no evidence of an online presence as White Nationalists for them until 2015. To see two educated and intelligent people suddenly become active in White Nationalism is curious, especially considering they both spent time in Russia. 
Of course the Geberts and other White Nationalists have a right to free speech, but we as a society, don’t have to tolerate hate speech, and we shouldn’t tolerate it. White Nationalism goes against the basic precept that America was founded on: that all men are created equal with the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.