Rauhauser’s Lawyer Gets Blasted For Fraudulent Billing

In the affidavit below, Bullyville’s lawyer, Evan Stone exposes the fraudulent billing of Rauhauser’s lawyer, Jeffrey Dorrell. 

The Court of Appeals threw out everything awarded to Neal Rauhauser in his lawsuit with Bullyville. All they upheld was that Rauhauser’s legal fees have to be paid by Bullyville, but disputed the amount since they had serious doubts about the legal bill submitted by Rauhauser’s lawyer, Jeffrey Dorrell. The Appeals Court said Dorrell had padded his bill, included fees that weren’t part of the defense, and redacted the bill so heavily that it was unreadable. 

Bullyville lawyer, Evan Stone, ripped Dorrell apart in his Reply to Dorrell’s latest fee submission. Stone went through the submitted bill of $464,000 item by item, and questioned the validity of most of the charges. His reply is long, but the conclusion sums it all up nicely.