Latest Hearing In Neal Rauhauser v Bullyville Lawsuit

Today was another hearing in the 5 year lawsuit between Neal Rauhauser and Bullyville.  I haven’t heard the results yet, but Cosby was expected to ignore the orders of the Court of Appeals and ruled in favor of Rauhauser. If so, this would mean the case will be going back to the Court of Appeals once again.

Over a year ago, the Court Of Appeals threw out all compensation, damages, and sanctions awarded to Rauhauser by Judge Cosby. The COA determined Rauhauser was entitled to nothing but compensation for legal fees. The COA then ripped Dorrell a new one because of the shady legal bill for over $300,000 he submitted to the court. The case was sent back to Judge Cosby in the lower court to argue what amount would be fair compensation for legal fees. 

In the lower court, Dorrell has been ignoring the COA’s orders. He lowered the amount he was asking for legal fees, but he’s trying to get $200,000 in monetary sanctions awarded too. The total amount he wants in compensastion now is essentially the same as the amount he was asking before the last appeal. I don’t think it’s a good idea to piss off the judges of a higher court by ignoring their ruling.

Regardless of how Judge Cosby decides in today’s hearing, the case will most likely be going back to the Court Of Appeals.

Below is the affidavit submitted to the court today by James McGibney asking Cosby to decide against Dorrell. There were an additional 25 pages of Exhibits that I didn’t screen cap, the affidavit will give you a good sense of what’s been going on.

I’ve been informed that serial stalker and Klansman, Tom Retzlaff, was in the courtroom today. That crazy man is like the hybrid offspring of a vulture and a cockroach.