Has MissAnonNews Risen From The Dead? Has She Been Unmasked?

Court documents filed by Bullyville today in the Rauhauser v McGibney lawsuit are asking the judge to allow a bit more discovery before deciding how much in legal fees should be paid to Rauhauser.

After 5 years of this crazy lawsuit, 5 years of Neal and his buddy, Thomas Retzlaff harassing and threatening McGibney, his wife and children, his friends, coworkers, employers and business partners, it turns out that Neal didn’t even pay the retainer to hire Jeffrey Dorrell in the first place.

It was Julie Sigwart who paid.

Sigwart is a cartoonist and activist, well known for Going Rouge, the Sarah Palin parody coloring book she created with her husband Micheal Stinson. Sigwart was also a major force behind the Stop Rush movement, particularly at the time of the craziness with Rauhauser, Shoq, Melissa Brewer and others. Currently she’s a director for LBRY.

For those of you who were involved with UniteBlue at the beginning, Sigwart was part of the group of territorial Liberals who decided UniteBlue had to be destroyed, writing smear articles under the name Sarah Smith for an anti-UniteBlue blog created by Expatina and Shoq.

Of much interest in the court documents is that there’s some doubt about whether Sigwart’s check was actually written for Neal’s defense. Back in 2014 when the lawsuit was first filed, MissAnonNews was one of Twitter’s most notorious and psychotic trolls. She was also a defendant in the original lawsuit. When it came to trial time, MissAnonNews claimed she was pro se (representing herself) but filed a professional looking motion to quash, complete with case citations. Using the name Amelia Sanaka, MissAnonNews claimed she was disabled and unable to communicate except via written word (Bitch please). Neal later tweeted that she had passed away (Bitch please).

The discovery asked for in today’s motion is to determine whether that $2500 retainer check to Dorrell was retaining his services for Julie Sigwart or for Neal. Or both.

When Dorrell submitted his first bill in 2014 or 2015, there were redacted items for emails and something he’d submitted for the California case. I couldn’t see why there were redactions for services supposedly rendered for Neal. I suspected at the time that Dorrell was helping out MissAnonNews and putting it on Neal’s bill, which I thought was a pretty crappy thing to do, but I never even considered that Dorrell might have been hired by MissAnonNews. It certainly fits with the chronology.

Today’s motion suggests that Julie Sigwart was MissAnonNews, which suggests she was also OccupyRebellion, and possibly the elusive porn blogger, Darah Ford.

There was a time when I thought all the Twitter drama with MissAnonNews, the Kate Gosselin Haters, Thomas Retzlaff, Vinnie and Brandon was totally insane. The Trump impeachment drama now wins the award for the most insane drama so the Rauhauser saga has become comedic entertainment.

I hope the judge grants the discovery. You can read Bullyville’s motion below.