Neal Rauhauser Ordered To Appear In Court

Oh my goodness! I’ve had to keep this secret for weeks, but with the recent court filing by Bullyville, I can finally break the news. There’s enough for more than one post so I’ll start with Neal Rauhauser.
Yes it’s true. In the hearing last month in Rauhauser v Bullyville, the judge ordered Rauhauser to show up in court by November 1st or be found in contempt. In the 5 years the case has been draggin on, Rauhauser has never shown his face in the courtroom.

Now Neal has to show up, but he gets the choice of appearing in person or by a verified video conference link. With several warrants for his arrest and a child support debt of $100,000 I don’t think it’s too hard to guess which one Neal will choose. However, even a video appearance could be a problem, since Neal has to be able to verify his identity.
The judge is trying to determine how much Neal should be reimbursed for legal fees by James McGibney, aka Bullyville. Neal has been represented by attorney, Jeffrey Dorrell and the Hanszen Laporte law firm, on a contingency basis, so technically, he has paid nothing in legal fees and entitled to no reimbursement other than the retainer he paid Dorrell. The judge is now curious as to whether Rauhauser actually paid the $2500 retainer which was a requirement in the signed contingency agreement made with Dorrell. 

Neal has stated innumerable times that he suffers from chronic after effects of Lyme disease, so I’m pretty sure that back in 2014, Rauhauser wasn’t working full time. He did some writing for, but was fired in 2015 after inciting a hacking and Ddos attack on the website of competitor, after they started doing an expose on the cryptocoin Ponzi scheme, PayCoin, and it’s creator, Josh Garza (Garza was sentenced to 21 months in prison and fined 9 million dollars). 

In the recent court filing by James McGibney (Bullyville) and his attorney, Evan Stone, it turns out Rauhauser didn’t pay the $2500 retainer, somebody paid it for him… 

It’s looking more and more like Rauhauser and his attorney have been running a lawfare scam.  We’ll talk about the person who paid the retainer in the next post, it’s quite a shocker.