Neal Rauhauser To Appear In Texas Court Friday

Well slap my face and call me Amelia Sanaka! It looks like Neal Rauhauser will finally make his debut in court via video link tomorrow in the Bullyville lawsuit!

The hearing tomorrow is to help the court to determine how much Bullyville should pay in legal fees for Rauhauser’s lawyer, Jeffrey Dorrell. According to Dorrell, the legal bill is almost half a million dollars which the Court of Appeals decided was outrageous. What we’ve learned over the last couple of hearings is that Neal was never served in the original Bullyville lawsuit, so he was under no legal obligation to show up in court, let alone hire a lawyer. Rauhauser chose to file a counter suit and hired Dorrell on a contingency basis, with a $2500 retainer.

After years of asking to see proof that Rauhauser paid that $2500 retainer, Dorrell finally produced a check for $2500, however the check was from the business account of Neal’s long time friend, Julie Sigwart. There’s no notation on the check stating what the payment was for and no documentation that Rauhauser’s retainer was paid. The date on the check shows it was written several weeks before Rauhauser retained Dorrell as a lawyer, so the judge has a few questions to ask Neal. So does Bullyville’s attorney, Evan Stone.

So does Nebraska Child Support Enforcement (something about $100,000 in unpaid child support).

And so does the FBI (something about SWATtings?).

I have questions too, but I’ll have to settle for watching the deposition. I’ve heard rumors it will be taped and could appear somewhere online and that somewhere might be

Don’t forget your popcorn.