Rauhauser Makes His Video Debut Today

Neal Rauhauser is getting ready to appear before a Texas judge as I write this. Unless his dog ate his video cam.

The video disposition is set for 10 AM this morning, though I’m not sure what time zone they’re using. While we can’t be there, the court will have two stenographers present, one for Neal and one for Bullyville. A transcript will probably be available today on nealrauhauser.com. Possibly even a video of the video.

The judge will be determining whether or not Rauhauser ever actually paid any of his own money for representation. I imagine the judge will also be asking Rauhauser’s motivation in filing the lawsuit in the first place. Oh, to be a fly on that wall…

2 thoughts on “Rauhauser Makes His Video Debut Today

  1. So where is the video and the transcript that you promised to IMMEDIATELY post? hahahaha You are a fraud and a liar and the video will never be posted here because it makes Evan Stone look like a total retard.

    1. Ohai Mr Tom Retzlaff!
      It appears your comprehension skills are comparable to your social skills and impulse control. I didn’t say I would be posting anything. I don’t operate nealrauser.com, which is where I said they would be posted. I imagine the court stenographer has to type it up first and then it has to be submitted to the court.
      Be patient.
      And thanks so much for visiting irontroll.com, it’s not often we get a member of the Klan here at Irontroll. (By the way, that white hood in your avatar is very slimming).
      Did you hear that public impeachment hearings start next week! I’m so very excited!

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