Lev Parnas, The Gambler, The Gangster, And The Baby Mamas

Lev Parnas and his family have extensive connections to organized crime that date back to the fall of the Soviet Union. One of these connections is to gangster gambler, Vadim Trincher.

Trincher is a professional gambler who lives in Trump Tower, just three floors below Donald Trump. He ran an international gambling ring using celebrities from the pro gambling circuit to attract the world’s wealthy 1% to his games. His gang raked in millions of dollars over the years until his arrest and conviction in 2014.

Trincher’s partner in this elite card club was Alimzhan Tokhtakhunov, aka Taiwanchik, who is what the Russians call a Vor or Thief-In-Law, the equivalent of a mob boss in organized crime. Taiwanchik is wanted by Interpol and the FBI for assorted crimes, including bribery, money laundering and smuggling.

Before they were busted, the Trincher-Taiwanchik organization laundered at least $100 million in profits between 2006 and 2012. They used shell companies registered in Cypress, and numerous bank accounts under the names of family members to hide their haul. This was a sophisticated, high class operation with very elite clients, but not so high class that they didn’t fall back on good old fashioned intimidation and threats of bodily harm when those elite clients were slow to pay gambling debts. A thug in Armani is still a thug.

Over 30 people involved in the gambling ring were arrested by the FBI, including Trincher’s two adult sons, Ilya and Eugene, and celebrity gamblers Molly Bloom, Boosted J Smith, and Edwin Ting. They all faced years in jail, but the feds had a rock solid case against them so everyone pleaded guilty, hoping to receive lighter sentences. In Trincher’s case, prosecutors asked the court more prison time than the recommended sentencing guidelines suggested since he was the ring leader working with Taiwanchik. In response, Trincher’s family and friends submitted letters of recommendation to the court on Trincher’s behalf to convince the judge that Vadim was very very sorry and was really a very very nice gangster.

Guess Who’s Coming To Dinner…

Of course, Trincher’s wife, Elena, was among the people who wrote to the court on her husband’s behalf, but his mistress and baby mama, Tatiana Guza, did as well. According to Mrs. Trincher’s letter to the judge, she had a very civilized relationship with her husband’s side piece. Once or twice a week she’d have Ms. Guza and her son over for dinner so Vadim could spend time with his son. The Trincher clan is so like the Brady Bunch.

In her letter to the court, Elena talked about Vadim’s efforts to be a good father to his young son…once or twice a week.

When Vadim was arrested, their communication got broke, but he has put all his strength, reorganized all things in order to continue to communicate with his child. Now [D] together with his mother comes to our house one-two times a week. Vadim does his homework with him. Then they play chess or checkers. If Illya and Eugene are in the house, he sets out chess problems on three boards and arranges competition between them.

Elena Trincher’s letter to the court; SENTENCING SUBMISSION United States v. Vadim Trincher No. 13-Cr-268-JMF-2

Mrs. Trincher also mentions play dates set up by Vadim with the son of her friend, Yana.

He also invites [DM], the son of my friend Yana, who is two years older than [D]. He also participates in the tournaments. Time passes quickly, because in the process of competition they don’t notice the passage of time. And they still have time to fool around, to play Monopoly or other games. That particular attention toward [D] is especially visible during the weekly dinners, when all members of our family gathers around a large round table – Vadim, our elder sons, [D] and his mother Tatiana, and I. Sometimes, Tatiana’s brother and his wife join us. And during those dinners our older children concentrate all their attention on [D].

Elena Trincher letter to the court; SENTENCING SUBMISSION United States v. Vadim Trincher No. 13-Cr-268-JMF-2

A connected step-sister

The friend, “Yana”, in Mrs. Trincher’s letter is Yana Marcovski.

If you read our last post, the name Marcovski will ring a bell. Yana is the daughter of Valeri Marcovski, the Russian immigrant who married Lev’s widowed mother.

So Yana, long time friend to Elena and Vadim Trincher, is the step-sister of Lev Parnas.

From court documents:

Yana Markovski met Mr. Trincher after she and her then one-month-old son had been thrown out of their apartment by her father and stepmother, as the result of which there was no contact between her son [DM] and his grandfather.

Vadim knew about this life story and always tried to change my mind about reconnecting with my father. He advised me to reconnect with my father so that [DM] would have a grandfather. Moreover, [DM] was in limited communication with his biological father. Vadim saw that as an unfair circumstance for the child not to have a father and grandfather at the same time. On one occasion Vadim encountered [DM]’s father and spent several conversations with him. . . . After these conversations, [DM]’s father introduced Vadim to my father. As a result of Vadim’s effort and passion to help others, my son [DM] now has his father back, and I got my father back. Vadim has been an extraordinary influence and has played an indispensable part in mine and my son’s life by changing my life and reconnecting with my family members.

Letter of recommendation for Vadim Trincher submitted by Yana Markovski, SENTENCING SUBMISSION United States v. Vadim Trincher No. 13-Cr-268-JMF-2

Millionaire problems

The estrangement between Yana and her father actually happened, though Yana fibbed a bit about the details. According to a 2003 article in the New York Post, Yanna became pregnant in 1999, when she was 31 years old. Daddy did buy a $500,000 apartment, but the title was put in the name of his newest and third wife, Lina Abramov (Lev’s mom was wife #2). The new stepmother did evict her, but not until December of 2002 when Yana’s son was 3 years old. She wasn’t thrown out on the streets with a month old infant. In retaliation, Yana did what any scorned stepdaughter would do and took her stepmother to court.

All in all, a sad tale of millionaire gangster problems, particularly since that same year, Yana’s millionaire father found himself facing the IRS in court again over under-reported income from the 1990’s.

Despite the letters of recommendation lauding his virtues, and Yana’s tale of Trincher’s part in reuniting her broken family, the court chose to go above sentencing guidelines and gave Trincher 5 years in prison. He was also ordered to surrender $20 million in cash and property, which fortunately didn’t include his Trump Tower apartment. He served less than three years, and was released in January of 2017.

His mistress, Tatyana Guza, was allowed to keep a million dollars out of the $13 million Trincher had kept in a bank account under her name. That was nice of the judge.

Yana Markovski, now 51, sells real estate (naturally) and is still Facebook friends with Elena Trincher.

To sum up, so far we have Lev’s millionaire step-father, Valeri Markovski, a Russian immigrant who ran a brokerage business for his Russian clients, which included a Russian politician whose son was imprisoned for being part of an organized crime gang, and also included Interros, the company started by Vladimir Potanin, the guy who was behind the Loans For Shares scheme after the fall of the Soviet Union, which created the oligarchy system and made him one of the richest oligarchs.

Then we have Lev’s step-sister, Yana, who’s been friends with Elena and Vadim Trincher for twenty years. Vadim Trincher partnered with Taiwanchik, a Russian Vor, in an organized crime gang that laundered millions of dollars of profit that came from an international gambling ring.

I tell you, after spending weeks mapping out the organized crime connections to the White House, it’s clear that Lev Parnas is as well connected to organized crime as Trump and Giuliani are, and that’s saying a lot. It’s hard to believe Lev Parnas and Rudy Giuliani got together purely by accident. It’s even harder to believe that Rudy Giuliani, with his own security business, didn’t run a background check on Lev Parnas.

Check back for more revelations about the West Wing Mafia.

This post is supporting documentation and information for the West Wing Mafia series. As our research continues, it will be updated as needed.
The West Wing Mafia is an international network of individuals and businesses that can be traced back for several decades. It consists of individuals who are interconnected through family and business, it includes members of organized crime, oligarchs and politicians. It also includes members of the Trump family.

West Wing Mafia

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