Anthony De Caluwe And Karyn Turk On The Becky In Boca Show!

The latest man of mystery in the never ending drama of the West Wing Mafia is Anthony de Caluwe the gentleman who was exchanging text messages with Robert F Hyde. Amazingly enough, he now has Karyn Turk as his spokesperson. Former Turk was spokesperson for Cindy Yang in last year’s scandal, and this year she has her own scandal going on. She’ll be heading to prison in March for stealing her late mother’s Social Security checks. Yeah. Seriously.

After checking out de Caluwe’s timelines on Twitter and Facebook, I think he qualifies for the same category as Lev Parnas put Robert Hyde in: someone to not take seriously. At this time, I don’t think DeCaluwe was involved in surveillance of former Ambassador Marie Yovanovitch, but then you never know. He seems to be a few bricks short of a load. In social media postings, de Caluwe has implied he’s in the FBI, CIA, ICE, and DHS.

In this Becky In Boca show from October of 2018, Karyn Turk is sitting in with Becky as a guest host. De Caluwe is on the show to talk about dating in South Florida. Mr de Caluwe says he doesn’t date because he doesn’t want to “ruin his reputation”. Yeah. Seriously.

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