Roger Stone’s Russian Returns To Miami

Remember Roger’s Russian, Henry Greenberg? He was in Miami for the Superbowl.

If you don’t remember Henry Greenberg from the Mueller Investigation, don’t worry about it. Roger Stone and Mike Caputo didn’t remember him either, at least not until until Team Mueller refreshed their memories with evidence.

Greenberg was the Russian who approached Mike Caputo claiming he had dirt on Hillary Clinton. Caputo then arranged for him to meet with Roger Stone. At the meeting, Greenberg showed up with a mysterious friend named Alexei, the guy who actually had the Clinton tea, but Alexei wanted money to hand over the goods. According to Stone, he turned Alexei down because Trump “doesn’t pay for anything.”

Naturally after the media broke the story of another secret meeting with Russians, Stone and Caputo went on the offensive in classic Stone Style. They put up a website,, with a deep dox of Greenberg, The guy really does have a long history and reputation as an international con man but…

Greenberg claimed he was an FBI informant!

That’s as good as free sex for deep state conspiracy theorists. So Stone and Caputo glommed onto that and their website, Democrat Dossier, promoted a conspiracy that the Mueller special investigation was all part of an evil plot to take down Trump.

“We will break down the investigation, beginning with the informants the intelligence agencies planted into the Trump campaign to spy on Carter Page, George Papadopoulos, Sam Clovis, and other members of the Trump campaign team and their associates. The Democrat Dossier will also investigate the Steele Dossier, secret FISA warrants on American citizens, the Clinton email coverup, Uranium One – and much more.”

Caputo and Stone claimed the dossier was compiled by a private investigator but it was more likely done by one of Stone’s crew. The website promised that more dossiers would be coming, but after two years, it hasn’t delivered on that.

“The Greenberg Dossier is the first of what will become many mini-dossiers of the democrats effort to steal the 2016 presidential election from the Republican candidate, and Bernie Sanders. When finished, these mini-dossiers will be combined to become the final Democrat Dossier – and then distributed to the media, politicians, U.S. intelligence agencies – and our supporters.”

IMHO, the website was just another scheme to grift money, another one of Roger’s talents. The website begged for money so I called Caputo out.

Caputo deleted his tweet. I also posted a screenshot showing the donation link on democratdossier went to the Paypal account of Strategic Campaign Concepts, which is registered to Tim Suereth, one of Stone’s cronies.

That link was then changed to a GoFundMe page.

Please help support the compilation and distribution of the Democrat Dossier. Proceeds from the GoFundMe campaign will be paid to Trump campaign workers who are now in need of work and income, to cover the costs associated with the research, writing and publication of the Democrat Dossier. These campaign and communications specialists know the details of the Democrats deception. Help them tell their side of the story.
from Democrat Dossier GoFundMe

Please help feed the poor Trump campaign workers! That’s pretty pathetic, Seureth was creative with the truth, but not quite creative enough. The GoFundMe failed, and the Democrat Dossier website has been idle for the last 2 years. The only action was when the site’s Twitter account, @democratdossier, followed me on Twitter. I guess it was lonely.

Meanwhile the alleged FBI informant, Henry Greenberg, has been living la vida loca.

He’s posted pictures from Mexico, Canada, Cuba, Barbados, and Bermuda. In the US he’s traveled to Michigan, Texas, Louisiana, Colorado, and Massachusetts

He spent New Year’s Eve on Star Island partying with the one and only Peaceman, billionaire eccentric, Sir Ivan, owner of the Peace Limo.

Most recently, Henry was in Miami for the Superbowl.

Who knew FBI informants had so much fun!

Stone and Caputo haven’t been idle though. They refined their deep state conspiracy theory to keep up with current events and it now includes Ukraine collusion! Caputo even went to Ukraine to interview the source of the Hunter Biden nonsense, Andrii Telizhenko, and he produced a tell all documentary.

Apparently, the documentary was released at the end of January. I had to google it to be sure. I haven’t seen any buzz about it, so I suspect Ukraine Hoax is doing as well as the democrat dossier website. I hope Henry Greenberg got to see it before he left town.

With all the preparation and drama of his trial, I don’t know if Roger Stone got to see the documentary. Someone should send a copy of it to him, he’ll have a lot of spare time.

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West Wing Mafia

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