Is Lev Parnas Why The Coinflux Trial Has Been Delayed Again?

As we suspected it might be, the trial for Vlad Nistor, CEO of Coinflux Services, has been rescheduled to begin in June. That now makes a year of delays.

As we reported in January, the 20 defendants in this trial are members of the Alexandria Online Auction Fraud Network, which used CoinFlux to launder money they bilked from thousands of US victims. Whether coincidence or not, CoinFlux has links to Lev Parnas, and his cousin, Alex Bolbirer.

Neither Parnas nor Bolbirer have been indicted, implicated, or even mentioned in regards to the CoinFlux case, but it’s an interesting coincidence the trial keeps getting delayed while Parnas is providing information on the Ukraine Quid Pro Quo.

Lev’s cousin, Alex, is an advisor for Flux, a gaming company that developed the cryptocurrency, CoinFlux.

Before CoinFlux was shut down, Bolbirer was negotiating a deal between Flux and Canadian internet device manufacturer, Datawind. The deal would have had the CoinFlux app hardwired into the tablets made by Datawind.

Lev Parnas was at one time the CEO of DataWind, he and cousin Alex have both been shareholders of Datawind, and have had distribution rights to sell Datawind devices.

Lev and Alex were also shareholders of Edgetech, the American distributor for DataWind tablets. Alex’s wife was the registered agent for Edgetech and an officer of the company. Lev Parnas was CEO of Edgetech and his kids were beneficial shareholders.

Through his own company, World Free Communications (WFC Ltd), cousin Alex had distribution rights to sell Datawind products in the Ukraine and CIS (Commonwealth of Independent States). WFC Ltd was originally registered by Bolbirer in Malta with an address in the Ukraine, the business shows up in the Offshore Leaks Database.

In February of 2018, WFC Ltd was registered again in the UK. For this incarnation of his business, cousin Alex opted to have a partner named Piotr Orlinski, a former soccer star for Polish league, Ekstraklasa.

Less than a month after registering their company in the UK, Piotr and Alex joined FLUX as “advisors”.

Now of course, these are all actions that a legitimate business would undertake to maximize sales and profits, but they’re also moves used in pump and dump schemes, i.e., make announcements of big changes, or new advisors being hired, upcoming mergers or acquisitions, whatever might grab the attention of investors so they’ll buy stock. The pump drives up the stock value, which allows the bad guys to dump their stock and make a profit. Pump and Dump is what got Parnas banned as a stock broker.

But whether good or evil, whatever plans were made for Datawind and FLUX didn’t pan out. In October of 2018, Datawind was delisted from the Toronto Stock exchange when the stock became basically worthless.

Two months later, December of 2018, Nistor was arrested and bank accounts for Coinflux were frozen.

Another two months later, February of 2019, Nistor and other Romanian defendants were extradited to the US.

Another two months later, April of 2019, Datawind’s board of directors all resigned, and the name of the company was changed to Jeotex.

In May of 2019, Canada’s regulatory board for stocks halted trading in Jeo tex stock.

In June of 2019, the trial for Nistor and the rest of the Alexandria Online Auction Fraud gang was supposed to begin. It was postponed then and has been postponed several times since then. Like I said earlier, Lev and cousin Alex haven’t been implicated with the Alexandria Online Auction Fraud Network in any way. Their connections are probably innocent coincidence, and the postponements of the trial probably has nothing to do with Lev providing information to the Feds.

Nistor’s trial has been rescheduled to begin June 15th. Unless it’s coincidentally postponed again.

“Should I be found not guilty at trial, I expect that all company accounts and property to be unfrozen and released shortly. We will then proceed to refund your balances and to begin processing any outstanding withdrawal requests. Concurrently, I expect to be deported to Romania. Should I be found guilty at trial, there will be court proceedings related to funds that were frozen at the request of US authorities.

Vlad Nistor, Former CEO of former Cryptocoin service, CoinFlux

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