Dr Seuss On TVFishbowl.com

Monica the Avatar blogged at TVFishbowl as Dr Seuss

This is an info post for the All About All About The Tea series showing screen captures from the Wayback Machine of some of the articles on TV Fishbowl written by Dr. Seuss, aka Monica of All About The Tea.

Some, if not all, of the articles appear on All About The Tea, originally shown as being written by Dr. Seuss, then the author name changed to “Editor”, then to Caucasian actress, Nancy, and currently appear as being written by Chinese American, Nancy Zhang.

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  1. Thank you! While the article writing seems to switch up a bit throughout the years, some things really stick out & her targets remained consistent. Do we know much about stacy slotnick esq that did her legal blog and started the tea talks I believe.

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