Part 2: All About AATT; Where In The World Is Avatar Monica?

So where in the world is Monica the Avatar?

Monica is not in Virginia.

It looks like some people may have seen a tweet of mine saying that Monica’s real first name was Kenya and maiden name was Gibson, then they used their Super Google Skillz and found a politician in Virginia named Kenya Gibson. It’s literally the first name that comes up in a Google search, but since the Virginia Kenya Gibson is married, odds are that she wouldn’t also have Gibson as her maiden name. This is what’s called a faildox.

It’s safe to say that writing articles for AATT under several names, plus running a regular live show on YouTube is a full time job. The Virginia Kenya is a politician so she wouldn’t have the focus, free time, or schedule flexible enough, to blog and do live shows as much as Avatar Monica does. And isn’t Monica a conservative on Twitter? The Kenya in Virginia is a liberal, and the woman we believe to be Monica is a registered Republican. So no, Monica is not in Virginia.

As we mentioned in Part 1, All About The Tea wasn’t the first blogging experience for Monica. If you’ve checked her early blog posts on AATT, they’re the same ones she wrote during her last days at TV Fishbowl, and the blog posts on both sites had the author name of Dr Seuss.

A couple of the early blog posts by Dr Seuss were part of an article series under the heading of Countdown to Lockdown and were about the Giudice’s going to prison. On AATT, Seuss actually had a countdown clock counting down the days before Teresa went to prison. Seuss was a little obsessed with hating Teresa.

CountDown To LockDown by Dr. Seuss

Besides purchasing the AllAboutTheTea domain, Monica also bought It’s likely this was going to be dedicated to bashing Teresa and her family. For some unknown reason, she bought blog about reality shows and bash people, while CountdownToLockdown was repurposed for True Crime articles.

This is how thecountdowntolockdown appears in the Wayback Machine

Monica actually purchased TheCountdownToLockdown domain a couple days before she bought All About the tea. It looks like she went all out and purchased a dedicated server, so she’d have aninternet ip address all to herself.

In reality, AllAboutTheTea was hosted by CountdownToLockdown and mail sent to AllAboutTheTea was delivered via the CountDownToLockdown mail server.
Note that the email contact for CountdownToLockdown was the email address used by Monica on All About The Tea.

If you have a blog hosted by Blogger or WordPress, you can buy a domain name and point it to your blog, so it looks like a regular website. This is what Monica did. Her CountdownToLockdown domain was directed to her Blogger (blogspot) blog, which was called DailyCountdownToLockdown. The author for the one article on the site was none other than Dr Seuss. has 2 archived copies of her blog you can see if you click here.

The Dr Seuss profile on DailyCountdownToLockdown was linked to Google+, which Google has since discontinued. As I recall, the Google+ page belonged to someone who just used the initial M and Mn on their Google+ posts.
The blog post written by Seuss was about a murder that took place in Texas, 15 miles from where I believe Monica lives.

Curiously, that same article appears on another website called, only this time the author is Paul Lupitas, plus there’s an additional article by Lupitas about another Texas murder. Even more curiously, the name Paul Lupitas doesn’t appear anywhere in a Google search, except on these articles. Why, it’s almost as if it were an alias! How shocking.
You can view the CrimeInspector site via if you click here

To top this off, AllAboutTheTea and CrimeInvestigator share the same unique Google adsense number. This number is assigned by Google so they can keep of ad clicks on a blog. Many blogs can have the same Google adsense number, but only the person that number is assigned to can get paid.

These other websites are important because they help confirm that Dr. Seuss and Monica are the same person. When you research someone, you want as much verification as possible. You need to doublecheck your findings as much as possible. You check, double check, and then recheck your double check. That way, you don’t go too far down a rabbit hole. Or like, post the wrong person’s picture on Twitter without their permission and get yourself suspended. Or sued.

With an extremely high probability that Dr Seuss and Monica were the same person, that gave us another alias to check for identity clues. At the time (2018), we already had a few clues about Monica given by people who’d associated with her during her Fishbowl days. We knew she’d supposedly moved to Texas, had a retail business that failed, and had some legal problems. Still, trying to match a real person with these clues was like looking for a needle in a haystack, we needed more clues.

The best place to check for identity clues of an alias is in the early days of its use, when the person might slip up and say something personal or revealing about themselves. In this case, that meant TV Fishbowl, where Seuss first got started as a blogger. Fishbowl used Disqus for comments and Seuss chatted a lot with her readers in the comment section.

Even though her disqus account is locked, her comments show up in the Wayback Machine archives. You can do this yourself by clicking here to go to the 2014 Dr. Seuss author page at TVFishbowl courtesy Her comment handle at Fishbowl was Seusseroo.
We dug through the comments and not only did we find a few gems, we also struck gold. We’ll go into what we found, plus do the big reveal in Part 3 of All About AATT.

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  1. If you know who is why not put it in a post?
    You have to know innocent people are being doxxed and you have audacity to widely shade folks for doing but here you are playing games. You obviously want to monetize your tea, fine, but don’t treat us like we are kids with this dumb wait for this part to come out. You won’t post this and that is fine but now you know how everyone feels.

    1. Yes, innocent people are being doxed. Have you reported this to YouTube?
      I’m not responsible for what Monica or Nosey do, nor am I require to save the world, so you’re wasting your misdirected anger.
      The Monica drama is not a priority in my life, but if it is for you then you actually should be treated like a child.

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