Part 3: All About AATT; Unmasking the avatar

It was on Twitter that I first encountered Monica of All About The Tea. I think it was during during Siggy’s second season on RHONJ. I had outed disbarred lawyer Bucky aka @A1_Buckwheat aka Faux of FauxRealityEntertainment as being the “publicist” for Siggy and Dolores Catania, and outed her again as being Siggy’s “intern” running Siggy’s Twitter account, so needless to say, Bucky didn’t like me much.

Bucky had started a troll campaign against Margaret Josephs, and I was working with a group of people trying to stop it. This brought me to @AllAboutDaTea’s timeline, since AATT had switched from hating Siggy in her first season on RHONJ, to loving her during her second wacky season. I found Monica so nasty, I actually thought she was Bucky. I found it hard to believe there could be more than one mean, vindictive, Reality blogger, but other people assured me that Monica and Bucky were really two different people, each with their own history of being vicious and unethical.

During our one and only Twitter thread, I corrected Monica on an incorrect interpretation of defamation. She accused me of being Margaret Josephs, I told her she sounded like Donald Trump. She blocked me.

Around then, Bucky filed 7 harassment complaints against me (perjuring herself to do so), and even though I’d never been to New Jersey, never spoken with, phoned, texted, or emailed Bucky, the case went forward. The judge decided New Jersey had jurisdiction because my blog was on the internet and New jersey has internet. The case was dropped after 18 months, when Bucky insisted on playing a video recording in the court, even after the judge forbade her. The video was John Yates crying and saying he wanted to shoot someone in the head and bury her under her house. Bucky claimed it was me in the video, and that I was stalking her in New Jersey, trying to kill her. Everyone realize she was nuts, so the prosecutor’s office refused to continue representing her.

Let this be a cautionary tale to those of you involved in the witch hunt to find Monica the Avatar. No matter how justified you think you are, or righteous your cause, you can’t predict how other people will react or how low another person will go. Doxing everyone on the planet as Monica is pointless, and seems to be getting to the point of just click bait for more blog and YouTube views.

The person named Kenya that I believe to be Monica was verified by information which fits both Monica and Kenya. It’s verified by the same birthday, same anniversary, and it was verified as correct by someone who knew Monica from TV Fishbowl days that saw her name on some mail. I’m giving a soft dox of publicly available information and hope this will satisfy the curiosity for those who need to know, and stop the doxing of innocent women.

It’s a very general description of the woman behind the avatar. I won’t give specifics, because it’s illegal in some states and because some of you are batshit crazy. Let me state clearly that Texas has very strong laws against harassment and doxing. Sending emails, or calling someone, to harass them is illegal in Texas. Putting anyone in the position where they feel their safety is threatened or life is in danger is illegal in Texas. Some of these actions are felonies with jail time.

I believe Monica’s IRL name is Kenya Harrison. The Monica alias comes from her middle name, Monique. Her maiden name was Gibson, and she’s in her very late 40’s.

Kenya is Afro-Guyananese. Guyana is in South America and the native language there is English. It’s possible that Kenya was born in Guyana. Her mother emigrated to America and got married in New York, but Kenya was born three years before her mother’s marriage, so I don’t know if Kenya was born in America or Guyana.

Kenya grew up mainly in New Jersey, in the Newark, East Orange area. She attended college and then married Ricardo Harrison in 2005. They moved to Richmond, Texas where they bought a house. It appears Kenya owned retail clothing store in Houston, called Divanate Fashionswith, and ran it with her husband’s relatives. In 2016, Ricardo moved back up North. It appears they’ve been separated all this time and have a divorce pending.

In 2016, Kenya teamed up with Bucky aka FauxEntertainment, and Clay Edwards, who was Vicki Gunvalson’s former publicist. They formed Blastoff Media Group, which supposedly owned BlastOff was dissolved for not paying its taxes. Notice that Monica and Bucky still owe $1770 in back taxes. While the corporation is dissolved, I sometimes wonder if their partnership has? I can’t see Bucky giving up just because she is blacklisted by Bravo. She’d find a way to work around it.

As to how we found Monica’s identity, besides searching through the comments section on TV Fishbowl, we also searched comments on the early articles on All About The Tea. This was mostly tedious, but occasionally interesting. We did find a few more clues about the person behind the avatar mask.

This comment backed up our belief Monica lived in Texas.

This reply about Asian food referred to the restaurant chain Pei Wei, which is found in 22 Texas cities. I eliminated 4 of those cities which left:
Amarillo, Arlington, Austin, Beaumont, Carollton, Dallas, El Paso, Fort Worth, Garland, Houston, Katy, Lewisville, Pasadena, Pearland, Plano, Richardson, and San Antonio.

These were among the comments that reinforced Monica being located in Texas, and even narrowed down which cities. But it was still a large haystack, or a large rabbit hole.

Another source for identity clues is in what other people say in comments about the person. Seusseroo had been a reality show fan for awhile before becoming a blogger at TV Fishbowl so she’d probably interacted with other commenters, so we also looked for people talking about Seusseroo.

This is where we found the gold. We found a comment thread where a commenter called out Seusseroo by name.

That didn’t mean it was the right name. Finding a name for a persona doesn’t make it true. The name could be wrong, and even if it’s correct, there are usually plenty of other people with the same name. A much smaller haystack is still a haystack.

This conversation gave a lot of information and was enough to find and verify Monica’s identity. We also went to Twitter and did searches on her old Twitter handles of @SeussSeuss, @aboutthe tea, and @allaboutthetea_. You can’t see her tweets due to suspension or being locked, but you can still see tweets replies to her accounts. This is how we found Monica’s birth date and anniversary.

Here are the tweets to Monica’s old accounts. We hope this satisfies the curious and helps stop the doxing. Below the tweets is an animation model created from a picture we believe to be of Kenya.

14 thoughts on “Part 3: All About AATT; Unmasking the avatar

  1. This is no dox sir or ma’am if the information is already out there. Monica owes a lot of people money. What kind of store did she have? Was it Divine baby? I can’t remember.
    Monica is a public figure who brags she works with the networks and she does not. Bravo TV started to reward dedicated bloggers who kept their talent in the press and elevant on social media. Many blogs are shown on the TV when a rumor comes up. Wendy Williams started the trend. Now BET is doing it. She does not work with them. It would be unethical.
    . Monica has tormented people. Encouraged suicide. Made up lies about tv stars she did not like. Did you hear what she did to Teresa G from new jersey? She LIED and said the feds raided her home and seized all the kids wrapped up christmas presents. Anyone with a brain would not believe it, unfortunately hating someone instead of using common sense..The hatred people had for Teresa went wild and reposted the fake news boy was that name ahead of time they acted loke it was truth.
    One reliable website in new jersey had to call their contacts in the FBI and they said it was a lie. Monica wrote a follow up basically calling everyone else lying liars. I will take, Sociopath for $1,000 Alex.

    Monica lied and said Ed Brophy threatened her physical harm. Ed did not.
    Ask Eden Sassoon what Monica did to her. Eden was the god who got her suspended for threatening her.

    All of these names you posted are out already so pardon my french when I tell you to knock it off with the soft dox platitudes. Monica is not normal. Normal people do not act like this Ma’am or Sir. This is a public safety issue Ma’am or sir. You have used her own actions to expose her, that is not doxxing. You are not posting photos of her home and encouraging people to mess with her. Monica is dangerous. Monica thinks she can sit behind an avatar and talk shit on the community and make her panel show their faces. Riiiiiight.
    No siir-ey.
    And make money?
    You are done like a well done steak Monica. This ends now. Your behavior has caused this no one else.
    Are you telling us Monica is the face of Abigail profile on her website?

    To everyone else.

    Monica named herself the Allen ID and all the others. Do not blame others. They followed her trail like you did but we’re onto her long before they were.
    If you are not comfortable with posting all the information maybe find someone who is.
    Youtube Vlogs,
    As I warned you all in youtube community tabs, do not reply to any emails Monica sends you. She emailed our friend Miss Nosey acting like she can’t find the iron troll blog and asked her. I hope Nosey did not email back. Do not reply to Monica emails. She is trying to get the header information. Vpns aren’t safe all the time. My twitter is shut down for 30 days for something unrelated.

    To anyone else not wanting to use their real identity. Always make sure you only use emails you have control of and never user name that could be confused with anyone else always make sure your name is obviously fake. Don’t be like Mo NICA.

  2. I am honestly disappointed with this site. This story broke days on nosy heaux live days ago. The content that you guys have on your page, you took from an up and coming black youTuber, and didn’t even bother crediting her. You even stole her Facebook name and used it in your title “Unmasking The Avatar” Do better!!!

      1. As a black woman I am hear to tell you are both wrong.
        The blog here has not stolen offf Nosey. This information was out already.. Nosey did not have this information. You want to he lik like that? Say the blogger stole Monica’s comments then.
        Do not blame Nosey for faildox when all she did was follow Monica’s trail. Monica got careful after you exposed her in 2018.
        Much of the stuff nosey is posting is from the community found on the web. This is a team effort. Leave the rrace at the door, this is what Monica wants.
        Proud Angry Black Girl. who already made a comment here tonight and is going to bed.

      2. Check THIS out–the commenter you’re replying to correctly noted that the story broke days ago on nosey heaux live… the phrase “story broke” in that sentence means the story became popular and talked about… you mentioned Kenya in a comment 6 months ago, that’s not breaking a story son… a comment on your own blog is in NO way breaking a story, seems more like you were just very afraid of naming Kenya, wonder why? Another thing to note here–even if you insist that you were being brave in December 2020 by cough-whispering kenya in a comment on a post on your own blog like you did: the coverage went no where, it was picked up by no one, so if you had any class you would thank Nosey Heaux Live for bringing traffic to your blog and to your dead YouTube page–your only video that has any views to note is about the story NHL BROKE ON HER CHANNEL. Again–you lack class, you lack courage, you lack personality or humor (“has she even made up her mind yet?” HAR HAR Good one, Chad!), and you lack audience IT’S DEAD IN HERE WOODEN GOBLIN! You’re welcome, you desperately need this engagement right here.

          1. “Sweetie” doesn’t offend me, so if that was what you were trying to do you failed–see how easy it is to be direct with criticism and not a shady witch? BTW, If you really didn’t spent time on low rent trolls, you wouldn’t have responded to me, so you also do not make sense, ma’am. You did not address the Commenter’s point at all, which is that you did not credit Nosey in any way. You also are being shady about her in your coverage, stop being shady witch and be the proud Plywood Doll you want to be!

    1. Yeah but Nosey Heaux is not a saint either. How many innocent people has that crazy lady doxed and continues to dox Marley Green aka Nosey Heaux needs to be arrested to stop her from doing this to other people. I heard that people are trying to serve her but they need her ‘alleged’ Manhattan address.

      1. What U gonna do about it hoe? Cry? That’s what. I am a dirty stanking smelling funky toe jam looking big foot ape, who ain’t here to play. I am gonna DOX you. Ya MAMA, ya DADA, ya GRANDMAMA.

        And everyone is a RAPIST. COMPRENDE? EXCEPT ME!

    2. Iron Troll has been writing about AATT and it’s ownership since at least 2018. AATT and that Faux Reality blog caused a lot of controversy on the Internet years ago and many were curious about who was behind them. This site was the first place I saw the Kenya, Clay Edwards and that disgraced attorney’s names years ago. No one stole anything from Nosey Heaux who until a week ago insisted that the Avatar was “Monica Allen” in Louisiana and wouldn’t even consider anything else. Unless Iron Troll has a time machine in which case, they’re in the wrong business and need to patent that immediately.

      Maybe instead of telling people to “Do better!!!”, you should read better.

      1. Maybe you should READ BETTER (lol), because no one said that this shitty blog here stole from Nosey, the commenter said this shitty blog here got their content from Nosey and failed to credit her, which is true. Nosey actually credited this shitty blog in her coverage, something that this shitty blog was unable to do. An example of how to credit her would be the following: “I’ve been writing about AATT on my shitty blog since at least 2018. Recently, Nosey Heaux Live, an up and coming YouTuber has been doxing people left and right, I’m here to share what I know from public info in an effort to stop the doxing”. So, maybe instead of telling people who correctly encourage others do “Do better” to “read better” you should just shut up.

        1. Iron Troll,
          I can confirm Nosey did not give permission for this troll to speak for her. No she did not. Nosey credited you and your youtube and is not interested in fighting. She knows you know who she is and just a little frustrated. .
          I know the videos are a bit long, but she was slowing down waiting to see what you posted because people like this person commenting are purposely causing problems and inserting themself when they have no business doing so pretending to be champions for her. The person commenting is a Monica troll trying to cause trouble, we see you Mo.
          Nosey does not know who you are and would appreciate if you would stop acting like you are speaking for her because she is capable of speaking for herself. Run along Monica. I mean Kenyatta.

          Iron Troll,
          Anymore posts or videos coming up? 😀
          We appreciate you sharing your information. It was never anyone’s intention to expose innocent people. All the information was gathered by what “Monica” posted about herself and different phone numbers she posted on public domains. This is another reason. why it is important for Monica to be known. There is a reason why she is hiding. I really don’t think you understand the trouble she caused over the years with her “tea cuppers” alone let alone her being a troll factory.

        2. GuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuurrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrLlllllllllllllllllllllllll! I Marley Green don’t take any of this seriously. I’m busy licking Ashley’s butthole clean GURRRRrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrLa.

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