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Has MissAnonNews Risen From The Dead? Has She Been Unmasked?

Court documents filed by Bullyville today in the Rauhauser v McGibney lawsuit are asking the judge to allow a bit more discovery before deciding how much in legal fees should be paid to Rauhauser. After 5 years of this crazy lawsuit, 5 years of Neal and his buddy, Thomas Retzlaff harassing and threatening McGibney, his wife and children, his friends,

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Russian Ministry of Defense Operated Fancy Bear Twitter Account

Recent events over the last week are proving that Russian Intelligence is an oxymoron. And computer geeks really suck at being spies. A coordinated effort between intelligence agencies of several countries tracked down a group of Russian operatives and caught them red-handed while they were in the midst of a hacking Op. These hackers, who call themselves Fancy Bears Hacking Team

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When Your Video Goes Viral

@LeviGibian posted a funny video in response to Trump’s difficulty in pronouncing the word Anonymous. The video went viral. The replies in response to Levi’s video were funny too. You’ll find some of those tweets below the break, but first, you gotta play Levi’s video. Anomynous. — Levi Gibian (@LeviGibian) September 7, 2018  

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Stackizshort’s Lawsuit Dismissed

The lawsuit filed by Leigh Mabes, aka Stackizshort, former Ferguson activist and ex-girlfriend of Sanguinarios Rose, was dismissed in St Louis last week. Long before the protests in Feguson, Mabes sued Quest Diagnostic Center claiming she passed out and fell off a chair while at the center. Mabes claimed permanent injury to an ankle. On October 16th, her lawsuit was

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JoJo Camp Sentenced To Three Years

JoJo Camp is now officially no longer the Internet Gangsta and back to being an American Hostage. On Monday, JoJo was sentenced to 3 years in prison by a Colorado court for assaulting a mime. Yeah, a mime. Really. JoJo was arrested in August of 2016 on multiple charges chief among them was second degree assault after attempting to strangle

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KYAnonymous Is Too Dumb To Internet

Wannabe Hacker, Deric Lostutter aka KYAnonymous, was sent to prison two months early for being too dumb to internet. Scheduled to turn himself in to start serving his 2 year sentence, Lostutter had a court order forbidding him from accessing the internet directly or indirectly. It was that “INDIRECTLY” word that Deric didn’t get. Sometimes English is hard. Lostutter’s wife

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