Lostutter Pleads Guilty

Deric Lostutter aka KYAnonymous pleaded guilty to illegally accessing a computer and lying to an FBI agent. He’ll be formally sentenced in March, 2017.  Don’t Blame Me@irontrollblog · 1m1 minute ago @Hedge76 @ViceAnonNews check out timelines of @AnarchyWaltz and @ThomasOlsenPops and http://dericlostutter.org/blog/  for truth about kyanonymous Deric Lostutter EXPOSED – Documenting the Truth About Deric Lostutter aka… dericlostutter.org 0 replies0 retweets0 likes Retweet Like More Continue reading Lostutter Pleads Guilty

@YourAnonNews Sets The Record Straight On 0Hour1, October 2016

There’s a new conspiracy racing around Twitter and Reddit. Something about pizza and pedophiles. It’s goofy. It’s source is, once again, the right wing nut job, Anon wannabe, @0Hour aka @AltRights.  This guy is like the MacGyver of Conspiracy Theories. Give him two completely unrelated rumors and he’ll tie them together into something sinister and secret and swear it’s factual. Even though he gets a lot of other nut jobs repeating his rumors, anyone with common sense knows he’s a whack job. Anonymous ‏@YourAnonNews  Oct 16 BREAKING: Alt-Right accounts freaking out, believe Assange is dead (he isn’t) or arrested (he isn’t). #LuLz … Continue reading @YourAnonNews Sets The Record Straight On 0Hour1, October 2016

JoJo Camp Hacked! UPDATED Aug 31

UPDATE August 31: Bullyville has obtained a copy of a consent release that JoJo signed, allowing the police to search his phone. JoJo’s claim of being hacked is total crap. Chronic stalker, JoJo Camp, who is very famous, and was once rated the 4th most elite hacker in the whole world, is claiming he has been hacked. By the cops who have arrested him. JoJo is awaiting trial on several felonies so in his copious free time he is applying the Thomas Retzlaff jail house lawyer defense strategy of bothering everyone connected to his arrest.  In the letter below, JoJo … Continue reading JoJo Camp Hacked! UPDATED Aug 31

Some Sabu Tweets

Hector Monsegur aka SABU was arrested on June 7, 2011. He became an FBI informant on June 8th. During his time with the FBI, Sabu is alleged to have prevented 300 cyber attacks on assorted government and media websites. His information led to the identification and conviction of at least 8 of his cohorts. These are a few interesting tweets from his old timeline. The first tweet below is from the @freesabu account. It has just that one tweet. Free Sabu ‏@FreeSabu 13 Jun 2011 @lulzsec Hate to inform you this way, but Sabu has been arrested. There supposedly will be … Continue reading Some Sabu Tweets

SABU and Sanguinarious, The Big Boys Chat; March 30, 2012

Below is Sabu chatting with m45t3rs4d0w8 aka Sanguinarious aka William Welna on March 30, 2012. By then Sabu had been outed as a Federal Informant.  Sanguinarious tried to be a Federal informant but his intel wasn’t good enough so he was “let go” and taken off the payroll. It’s interesting reading the conversation between Sabu and Sang where they discuss Sabu’s arrest, Barrett Brown’s arrest and try to social engineer each other. (4:38:56 AM) Sabu: Yo (4:39:07 AM) Sabu: Sang? (4:39:35 AM) m45t3rs4d0w8: lolwhat? (4:39:58 AM) Sabu: what up ninja (4:40:10 AM) m45t3rs4d0w8: this is rather odd 😛 (4:41:23 AM) m45t3rs4d0w8: how … Continue reading SABU and Sanguinarious, The Big Boys Chat; March 30, 2012

3000 Blog Visits From Israel!

Irontroll.com had 3000 visits from Israel yesterday but the visitors didn’t read any posts. Instead of trying to hack the blog, they should have actually read a few of the articles on Paulette.  Paulette is Jewish only because her mother is of Portuguese descent. Twenty percent of Brazil’s population has Jewish ancestry as a result of a Jewish diaspora 500 years ago.  Paulette wasn’t raised in the religion nor is she practicing the religion now. Her husband, a member of the far right group, Jewish Task Force, describes her as a “Jewish Christian”.   Neither Paulette or her husband are … Continue reading 3000 Blog Visits From Israel!

Transcript of Barrett Brown Chat During His Arrest; September 2012

This is the transcript of the TinyChat video dialogue that occurred before and during the raid on Barrett Brown’s home by the FBI on September 12, 2012. During the chat, Barrett leaves to make a phone call and his girlfriend chats in his place. The FBI raid while he’s on the phone. [7:36 PM] anonforecast: it depends [7:36 PM] kenker: root, you need to get something better to do with your life [7:36 PM] pob: trouble with you fuckers you think you matter, you don’t [7:36 PM] anonforecast: bb is half genious half retard, soyour feelings depend on your expectation … Continue reading Transcript of Barrett Brown Chat During His Arrest; September 2012

The Rage Return Of Sanguinarious

Yes, Sanginarious Rage Quit Twitter. Again.  Yes, Sanguinarious Rage Returned. Again. And this screen cap? It is an example of irony   When you start throwing out nigger lover and curb stomping when you hang with and joke around with killing niggers with actual neo nazis… Tue May 17 19:17:44 +0000 2016 There’s a lot more people on your tl that are legit racists, part of racist orgs, and ironically truly hate jews and not joking at all Tue May 17 19:29:45 +0000 2016 There once was a girl who wanted all the men to like her on twitter, and … Continue reading The Rage Return Of Sanguinarious