New Jersey Court Case Stayed

There was a hearing today regarding the harassment charges filed against Shari and myself in New Jersey. The first charge against me was filed 17 months ago and the case has been in review since May, so we were looking forward to having the case start moving again with today’s hearing. Unfortunately the case was stayed. I haven’t heard the specifics yet, only that the case is on hold again. Keep in mind it’s still in pre-trial phase, to determine if it should go to trial or be dismissed. 17 months and still no decision on a first amendment issue. … Continue reading New Jersey Court Case Stayed

My Court Case Resumes September 20th In New Jersey

Finally! Another hearing has been scheduled for the harassment charges filed against me. It will be September 20th, making it month 17 of the crazy attempt to chill my free speech. The same judge will be presiding, so the request to get her recused, which caused the case to be reviewed, did not succeed. The proceeding will continue where it left off… Which was back in May with my lawyers about to do an oral argument to have the case dismissed. There apparently was some drama in the court because all the warrants against me were dismissed. The hearing ended … Continue reading My Court Case Resumes September 20th In New Jersey

New Jersey Court Hearing Postponed Again

Yes, once again the harassment hearings have been delayed. This is the 14th month since the first harassment complaint was filed against me in Passaic County, New Jersey last year. It looks like it will be going for at least another month since we received word yesterday that today’s hearing for the (now) 3 harassment complaints against me and the one complaint against Shari W would be postponed.   There was no explanation given but as you  may recall, the last hearing ended with the complainant being declared in contempt of court. The case is currently being reviewed by the presiding judge. … Continue reading New Jersey Court Hearing Postponed Again

New Jersey Harassment Hearing Delayed

Today’s hearing for the harassment complaints against me was postponed. The hearings for Shari Weinick and myself were probably delayed due to the Memorial Day holiday, but they’ve been rescheduled for June 12th. That will make it 14 months since I’ve been charged. 14 months that I’ve been dealing with these charges. The last hearing ended with the complainant being charged with contempt of court. A request for the judge to recuse herself was submitted later that day so I’m thinking the next hearing should be very interesting. Continue reading New Jersey Harassment Hearing Delayed

Swine Stalker Arrested

Police arrested a stalker in Ohio recently after the victim called police early in the morning to report he was being followed. By a pig. I know just how the poor man felt. Been there, done that, got the court case. Police responded to the call and sure enough, the man was indeed being stalked by a pig. Police took the sow in custody and held it in pig jail until its guardian came to take it home. The victim may have pissed off the pig for not liking the right Housewife of New Jersey or for blogging. The amusing Facebook … Continue reading Swine Stalker Arrested

Charge Dismissed In New Jersey Complaint

Last month charges of harassment were dropped against one individual in the New Jersey harassment cases. We discovered this oddly select miracle while watching for clues to the outcome of our own hearing by looking for any changes on the court dockets on the Paterson Municipal Court website. It was quite a surprise when the bench warrant for Miss Boals disappeared at lunch time and the charge dropped altogether. There was a lot of speculation and multiple theories as to how this miracle came about but the mystery was solved yesterday when we read a court transcript from that hearing. … Continue reading Charge Dismissed In New Jersey Complaint

Another Court Hearing, I Am Still Everyone On Twitter

There was another hearing today which proved to be quite popcorn worthy. The court was to hear oral arguments from my lawyer on the motion to dismiss charges against me. It’s conceivable today could have resulted in the charges against me being dismissed but everything got waylaid when Vinnie stated she wanted the judge and prosecutor to recuse themselves from the case. Keep in mind that the judge and prosecutor today are the same judge and prosecutor who’ve been on the case for the last year. But today Vinnie wanted them both off the case. She gave no reasons, hadn’t filed anything … Continue reading Another Court Hearing, I Am Still Everyone On Twitter

Bucky And Brandon On Break

The notorious Twitter harassment team of Bucky and Brandon (A1_Buckwheat and BKing13_) deactivated their accounts last night. Bucky is also known as Faux Reality, the blogger behind the blog registered in Brandon’s name. It’s anyone’s guess why the two of them did a synchronized dive off of Twitter together. It may have something to do with the upcoming harassment hearing on May 8th or perhaps it’s a defensive move after Brandon’s harassment of Christina Marfan last night. Christina is a writer who had the audacity to write an article about Brandon’s harassment of reality celebrities in March of 2017. … Continue reading Bucky And Brandon On Break

New Hearing For Zile On May 8th

Hearings were held today in Paterson Municipal Court for the harassment complaint filed by Siggy Flicker’s former publicist against Shari Weinick and the 3 harassment complaints filed against me. Earlier this month our lawyer submitted a motion to dismiss all the complaints based on a similar case they won before the New Jersey Supreme Court in December of 2017. It was hoped the judge would make a decision on this motion today, however the Paterson prosecutor submitted an opposition motion so another hearing was scheduled for May 8th. The lawyer did check on the 3rd warrant remaining on the court … Continue reading New Hearing For Zile On May 8th

Bucky And Neal; April, 2017

I’ve been cleaning out my files and posting things here on Irontroll that are interesting or might be useful in the near future. This conversation took place in April of 2017. Bucky is looking for dirt on James McGibney aka Bullyville. I don’t know of any refund request or refusal other than Marcie herself saying it happened. I thought these tweets were interesting because they show Bucky and Neal were in touch with the admin of the revenge porn website, ViaViewFiles. Continue reading Bucky And Neal; April, 2017