White House Twitter Account Crosses The Line

I don’t know who in hell was operating the @WhiteHouse Twitter account today but they might be in some trouble.  The account sent out several tweets attacking Senators Kamala Harris and Elizabeth Warren. The tweets were in regards to statements the Senators made about ICE, however the White House tweets made incorrect accusations and seemed more like an attempt to incite harassment than an actual attempt to communicate.  Harris and Warren aren’t the only people on Capitol Hill who’ve called for ICE to be investigated or disbanded recently, so it’s strange that they were the only ones singled out. One … Continue reading White House Twitter Account Crosses The Line

No, Paul Manafort Is Not Dead

Paul Manafort could be called many things but dead would not be one of them. Manafort’s name no longer comes up in a search of the inmate database on the Northern Neck Regional Jail website. This doesn’t mean he killed himself or was stuck with a shiv in the showers. It doesn’t mean Manafort has escaped and fled to Russia nor that he’s been secretly pardoned. He hasn’t been drugged and caged in a baby camp for migrants either, though I like that idea. Manafort’s name no longer comes up in an inmate search of the Northern Neck Regional Jail website. And … Continue reading No, Paul Manafort Is Not Dead

Cohen Denied Restraining Order Against Avenatti

Michael Cohen was denied an emergency restraining order against Michael Avenatti  today. U.S. District Judge James Otero determined Cohen wasn’t able to satisfactorily prove he would suffer “immediate, irreparable injury” and so decided against Cohen’s request. The restraining order was essentially an attempt to shut Avenatti up, to keep him off talk shows and news programs. Each television appearance or Twitter revelation by Avenatti is another nail in Cohen’s coffin but Cohen failed to prove a need for a restraining order. If Cohen hopes to win the Stormy Daniel’s case against Avenatti, he’s going to have to lawyer better. Continue reading Cohen Denied Restraining Order Against Avenatti

Roger Stone Owes 1.4 Million In Back Taxes

Trump is tweeting about Paul Manafort after not mentioning him for months. It looks like Trump is trying to downplay his involvement with Manafort by convincing Twitter that he wasn’t around very long. But Manafort was Trump’s campaign manager for 5 months and that was long enough for him to pick Mike Pence for Trump’s VP. It’s interesting that Manafort’s name comes up after a former employee of Roger Stone testified before Mueller’s grand jury on Friday. It was Stone who talked Trump into hiring Manafort as his new campaign manager after Corey Lewandowski was fired. Of all the shady people … Continue reading Roger Stone Owes 1.4 Million In Back Taxes

Joy Ann Reid Makes A Brokeback Mountain Out Of A Molehill

Joy Ann Reid managed to make a Brokeback Mountain out of a molehill. But this time she had help. As the world knows, Joy made some mean homophobic comments on her blog a decade ago. She apologized for those remarks back in December of 2017. That was fine, that was appropriate and any drama or scandal should have ended then. But as everyone knows, another batch of homophobic posts was uncovered recently. This time Joy didn’t handle the uproar as well. She could have just reminded everyone that she’d already apologized for homophobic remarks, or she could have just apologized … Continue reading Joy Ann Reid Makes A Brokeback Mountain Out Of A Molehill

Fake Fox Swedish Expert Linked To Gang Gun Trafficking

Reading about the Fox’s fake Navy Seal reminded me of their Swedish National Security Expert who also turned out to be a fake. I did some research on Nils Bildt aka Nils Tolling back in February but didn’t post it publicly. Now with another Fox Fake in the news I thought I’d put it on IronTroll in case Nils shows up somewhere claiming to be an expert on something. Nils seems to be a shady character and something of a grifter. He’s had several careers based on padding his resume rather than actually being qualified. He was calling himself Dr … Continue reading Fake Fox Swedish Expert Linked To Gang Gun Trafficking

Trump Tween Rape Case Commences September 9th

On September 9th, lawyers for Donald Trump, Jeffrey Epstein and the defendant, Jane Doe are scheduled to appear to discuss the upcoming federal lawsuit for sexual assaults involving a minor.  While this might sound like a get rich quick scheme by the defendant, don’t be too quick to judge. Jane Doe’s identity was outed not long after she filed suit and despite negative publicity, she still maintains she’s telling the truth. And she has a third party in her suit who is backing up her claims.  I imagine the Trump team will try to buy her off with a settlement … Continue reading Trump Tween Rape Case Commences September 9th

Elizabeth Warren Takes On Trump

Here are the recent tweets from the war between Elizabeth Warren and Donald Trump.  Senator Warren is correct in everything she says. Donald Trump would be the most unqualified person ever elected to the presidency. And the most impotent.  Regardless of whether Democrats or Republicans control the Senate or House of Representatives, Trump would be the first president to have most of the members of congress working against him.  Elizabeth Warren ‏@elizabethforma May 3 .@realDonaldTrump is now the leader of the @GOP. It’s real – he is one step away from the White House. Elizabeth Warren ‏@elizabethforma May 3 Here’s … Continue reading Elizabeth Warren Takes On Trump