Thank You

I want to thank everyone who’s been on my side for the past 19 months. Thanks to those of you who contributed to the defense fund and those of you who offered other types of support. It was, and is, much appreciated. Even though the charges were dismissed, Vinnie is probably looking for blood, so mentioning anyone by name would be setting them up as a target. So to all of you anonymous individuals, thanks for this very nice Christmas gift. Let’s hope that someday Vinnie will be declawed permanently. Also, many thanks to the Law Bros, Vlad and Paul, … Continue reading Thank You

#RHONJ Publicist And New Jersey Court Transcript, April 19th, 2018

This is the transcript from the court hearing on April 19th which followed the March hearing. By this time Siggy’s publicist, Vinnie Spina, has sent a letter to Judge Guzman complaining about a conference the judge had with my lawyer and the prosecutor in the March hearing which resulted in all the bench warrants against me being recalled. She actually asked that Judge Guzman recuse herself from the case after Guzman had been presiding over the case for a year.  The court reporter calls my lawyer Mr Desanko in the transcript, which is the phonetic spelling. His name is Vlad Tyshchenko. … Continue reading #RHONJ Publicist And New Jersey Court Transcript, April 19th, 2018